2 Jan 2010

Imperial Guard - DKK Command

In the absence of any other work completed over the holiday season so far... too much beering and eating to paint, I submit this work to you.

Now, truthfully it was not all my own work but I've painted his greatcoat to match the rest of the Vraks PDF i've done and he is a test scheme for the DKK when I finally get round to starting them and I've based him to match all my weemen.
After completing him, I think the DKK will have Red helmets and khaki uniforms under the greatcoats but as this is the senior officer, he has his own tailoring and uniforms - so his may stay grey/blue. The Greatcoat will tie him in enough, but if not I can re-visit him.
The Hellhound post was found here


  1. That's a magnificent camo scheme. I'm tempted to 'borrow' it for my new Tau army.

    Do you have a guide of how to do it?

  2. That is a really great paint job, i think your DKK will look excellent.

  3. Adam, its just Halfords car spray paint, Tornado Red for VW and Tuscan Beige for Ford i think. See my earlier post


    And use plenty of masking tape but remember to let first colour coat completely dry (24hrs)before masking off.

  4. The GW paints nearest to the spray are Scab Red and Graveyard Earth. Highlighted with Kommando Khaki and Blazing Orange

  5. Good ole Halfords!

    So after spraying you did a Devlan Mud wash. Then what?

  6. Adam, then it was a simple drybrush highlight with Kommando Khaki and Blazing Orange, and a fine line highlight with the same. If you want more layering and then a highlight, the GW Blood Red would suit.

  7. Thank you very much for your help.

    If you want to checkout my blog, it's Warhammer Tau. I might stop work on my Space Wolves for a bit to go and give your paintscheme a test on a Tau tank.


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