17 Jan 2010

Something BIGGER is coming...

As I posted in the Warhound Canis Bellum posts, the Warhound was merely the vanguard for something bigger. Here are some teaser shots of the WIP.

The Reaver 'Honorum' as seen in the Siege of Vraks II is done. Painted to an exceptional standard once again by my friendly artist Richard Gray. He can be found at Richard Gray Creations and is open for commission work. I plan to send another Warhound his way eventually so I can have a Titan Hunting Pack Apocalypse formation!
I have to go back to sea now for a couple of months to pay for these (and the mortgage!) so you will have to wait until Easter for the titan to come home and be seen in all it's glory. I will however in the meantime post some WIP shots that Richard had forwarded on to me to keep all you titan lovers sane. It will also proudly wear the banner done by our own FTW Ron! Seen here. The 10 is because this was the 10th FW Reaver off the production line, so one of the first - I ordered two on the first day they went on sale, Pornstarjedi has number 11. Incidently, the Warhound was also an early one, number 10 too! And the big skull to match my Relictors chapter badge.

Can't wait to get this titan home.


  1. Already looking great.

    Looking forward to your updates...

  2. I want one... I want one... I want one.

    It's looking good. :)


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