25 Jan 2010

Relictors Landraider Redeemer WIP - interior

I am posting this whilst away at sea again, I won't be around until April again so hopefully this and Pornstarjedi's new years' resolution of posting at least once a fortnight will keep weemen alive and well.
These are the shots of the interior of the first of my Relictor Landraiders, I have a fairly big force now but when it comes to fighting Pornstarjedi's loyal lapdog Ultramarines, he always has a Landraider or two for my lowly Predator to answer too. So, I'm bringing out the big(ger) guns.
The plan will be to build a Redeemer, a Crusader (for that massive amount of transport capability) and a 'bog standard' Godhammer Landraider. I might even stretch to a Terminus one day soon for the Apoc field, but that will need a little work as the standard Pred sponsons get in the way of the rear cannons - silly.

Something like this would suffice, awesome work by Lord_Zymran -
Image from Lord_Zymran photobucket. Link here. (Used without permission).
I know the interior doesn't get much of a look in once you construct and put on the doors, but hey, I know it's there and painted. So these front hatches won't be glued shut (unlike a Terminus who doesn't have a transport capability therefore will not get painted inside and sealed shut).
I plan to paint the pieces seperately, put together, then wash and highlight once constructed. More updates scheduled before I get back home. Stay well.


  1. Looks fantastic! Will look great once the whole lot is painted!

  2. Looking good! I didn't paint the inside of my Land Raider, and I really regret to now. Be sure that when you do wash and highlight it, you leave it as bright as possible. This makes it far easier to make out detail when the whole thing is put together!

    Hope you get back from sea soon mate!

  3. Looks great! I painted the interior of my own land raider and then neglected to take shots! Choosing a light color for inside was wise.


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