10 Jan 2010

Vraks PDF - Emperor's Fist Company Project Pt.4

So a quick update as this is a time consuming job for me. I thought rather than buy a heap of GW washes and spend ages brushing on or using that GW airbrush (which imho is a pain in the ass and very temperamental) i would try out a new (to me) product.
I was ordering some Army Painter Grey Primer to speed up my Relictors painting, which btw is a great match for Codex Grey, so I thought I'd get some of the quickshade too. I bought the strong tone as it recommended it for reds and browns and got to work.
The quickshade is designed for dipping, however a Leman Russ is a bit bigger than the tin so a normal paintbrush (DIY) was used. To prevent getting my finger prints over the finished tanks I also used the lids of the car sprays to act as holders on the underside and this had the added benefit of allowing drops of excess quickshade to drop away rather than pooling on the track bottoms.
So far, so good - i'll look tomorrow as it takes 24hrs to dry, and this stuff is oil based to you will need some white spirit or paint stripper to clean the brushes afterwards. Once dry I'll try Citadel paints onto the quickshade surface but if adhesion is not brilliant, a quick coat Purity seal should take the shine off and give a good surface to continue with the highlighting and detailing. It has the added bonus of acting as a varnish too so that should seal the car spray camouflage real nice.

Whilst we are on the subject of Army Painter, this was one coat of Grey primer on a bright red plastic mini. Not bad, only a few touch ups needed so i'll spray another coat before going straight to Badab Black washes and highlights and detailing... hopefully this will speed up the rest of the army painting!

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  1. I used the Army Painter spray and was pleased with the results. It will be interesting to see what you think of the dip - I haven't tried that yet.


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