23 Sep 2017

Reaver Titan WIP ~ #10- Pistons

Hi one and all,

A quick Reaver update- I've made steady progress with the pistons for the legs/pelvis joint. Before fitting I added 6 pins drilled into the ball joint, and then pinned in place. These holes are hidden under the pistons. 

 The pain was having to cut 3 of the pistons to allow them to fit under the joint due to the leg position- Something I hadn't foreseen before building the legs, however due to the shape of the join you can't see where I've cut at it.
 Hopefully there will be some paint added to the body for the next post..

Thanks for popping by! LH


Siph_Horridus said...

The newer kits with colour instructions make these mistakes a thing of the past, but good experience for you mate. Coming together nicely, I must kickstart my Warlord...

Zzzzzz said...

Regardless of Siph's hints of better instructions with newer purchases, seeing your pain here is saving me money, keep it up :)

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