21 Jul 2017

WIP- Kytan Daemon Engine of Khorne

Hi everyone, thanks for popping by!

Here's a little project I started a while ago, and I've used as a distraction over other projects I've got.. which are many!
 I've tried to had a little bit of dynamic positioning to show the Kytan mid battle, storming through the ranks of the enemy. The knee is pinned to the building to act as support, with the right foot nestled onto the other corner section. The motion is further shown with the angle of the axe, as well as how I will position the skulls hanging from the armour.

The armour is painted with a metallic finish which creates natural highlights from a light source. The plan is to have the armour edged with bronze.
For the base I will be adding to it to add depth to the model.

Hope you like!


Siph_Horridus said...

Your lovin these red Daemons aren't you! Legs look good, what are you going to do with the other arm?

Thor said...

That pose is awesome. Nice work!

Dave Henderson said...

Great posing!! Very nice red, would you mind sharing which it is?

WestRider said...

Nicely done! I got kind of over-ambitious with the base on mine, and ended up having all kinds of trouble with the legs to get it to stand on there right. Good call on just doing the one part of the base that it interacts with first, and leaving the rest until you've got the Model itself together.

Lord Halfpenny said...

thanks for the comments, I'm really happy with the amount of visual movement in the model.

The red is a metallic spray- 'Ford Regency Red' from a local Halfords, lightly sprayed over a red base coat.

Dave Henderson said...

Thanks, I think I'll look to use this for future Khorne Daemon Engines as such a good red

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