21 Nov 2016

Captain Mordaci Blaylock "The Stormbreaker" Space Marine Terminator

Hello fair Reader, continuing from my long ago post (January!... doh!) about using Betrayal at Calth miniatures in 40K, I eventually got around to getting the Captain off the To-Do pile and in the painting queue. I hope you like the results!
Lord Halfpenny suggested that the Captain Aethon in BaC could be used for a character found in Forgeworld's IA9 Badab War Pt1, Captain Mordaci Blaylock - ideal as he is armed with Storm Bolter and Chainfist called Foe Ripper.

I removed the Combi-Melta and added a modern '40k' era Storm Bolter and a Iron Halo and done. Captain Mordaci Blaylock - The BaC Captain is an ideal miniature for this Character of renown, has blinged up Termie Armour and a cloak, his special rules also make all Terminator Squads Scoring Units - in 7th we (WeeMen) interpret that as Obj Sec as everyone can score these days.  He has I5 and Captain Stats plus an Iron Halo making him not a bad addition to my Relictor force.
I kept the scheme a simple one, but as a nod to his original Novamarine heritage, I quartered the scheme with bone white and Relictor grey, instead of Nova Marine blue and white. In the fluff, he is the Captain of the Novamarines 1st Company and featured during the Badab War, saving the remnants of the Howling Griffons from extinction at the hand of the secessionist Executioners Chapter.
The cloak was done following most of my Relictor characters, kept plain on outside and red inside, the photo has washed out some of the shading, irl it looks a bit better.
I also added the traditional Relictor black on the shoulder pads, amongst the bling gold and used two smaller skull transfers from the Imperial Knight transfer sheet, and the 'Halo' star pattern above the belt buckle as a further nod to his Novamarine heritage.
I thought it was about time I got some of the Betrayal at Calth box set completed, the birthday and Crimbo fairies may resupply with Burning at Prospero box set soon... the earlier Dreadtober Contemptor can be seen HERE.

Thanks for dropping in.


Nick Thrower said...

He looks great - though I must confess I didn't originally notice the quartering (teach me not to look properly at piccies!)

Mordian7th said...

Lovely work, man! I really dig how that turned out!

neverness said...

Good work, he's bad-ass!

corrm said...

I really like the cloak. The shading on the white is subtle, but it works really well.

Zzzzzz said...

Very Nice.

Rory Priest said...

That is a good reworking of the model to being it up to 40K. The paint job is nice and subtle.

James Ashelford said...

A great job on the colour scheme, especially the white cloak and a fantastic idea for how to use the miniature. I've been meaning to make a Blaylock model for a while and I might follow your example on this one.

Siph_Horridus said...

Thank you everyone, most appreciated. Nick you made me laugh, cheers fella. James, yes mate, it took me long enough to get this one one, go ahead and do yours!

Col. Hertford said...

Damn, sorry I missed this Siph, great job as every. Glad your burning through the back log!
So, when's the big model getting attention?

Siph_Horridus said...

Thanks Col. Big model is sitting on the games table taunting me. When I get some time at home (away during working weeks) I'll get some progress done, prob around Crimbo time, but otherwise it just taunts me ;) it needs dedicated hobby time devoted to the machine spirit. Praise the Omnissah.

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