6 Dec 2012

LordHalfpenny @ Blog Wars 4

 So the dust settles across the plains of Mansfield, armour dented, swords broken ego's shattered- (apart from Venerable (Sons of Sanguinius) who is now 4 tournament wins from 4..)  following another amazing Blog Wars tournament, again big thanks to Alex, From the Fang  for organising the event!

It was a last minute change of plans, (and a 'yes dear you can go' from the wife) that I decided to take my forces to BW4, with a faint hope of bettering my tally of played 6, lost 4, drawn 2- and that the weeman spoon wouldn't be heading home with me..

Following several battles with my daemons against Siph, I decided to go for a 4 god list, using key units from all of the powers. My special character was a 'no brainer' Fateweaver, he is a beast when it comes to the amount of firepower he can dish out- as well as aiming for more than one unit.. The rest of the army fell into place, the core army was based on 3 fliers- Fatey, a bloodthirster and a daemon prince with wings - the plan was to get them onto the field as a wave - and hit the opposition hard.

The Force:

Bloodthirster unholy might/blessing of the blood god  
5 flamers                                                                
3 flamers                                                                
3 bloodcrusher 1 fury of khorne                                                                       
8 bloodletter                                                            
7 plaguebearers                                                      
5 pink horrors                                                         
5 pink horrors plus changling                                 
3 screamers                                                             
5 seekers                                                                 
1 Deamon Prince, with wings, breath of chaos iron hind          
1 soul grinder phlegm                                             

Battle 1 -John, from Blood Claw (Blood Claw) Ultramarine 1st Company and IG allies (Dark Angels rules)

So the first battle saw my daemons taking on an Ultramarine force (hmm- my first 40k love, vs my new 40k love... )

Mission- Objectives
  • My preferred first wave hit home, and landed as plan to the most part- flamers, DP and Fateeweaver opening up killing marines
  • No further reserves apart from my seekers for two turns due to poor dice rolling (plus the +1 to reserve rolls- curse that warlord trait!)
  • lots of shooting and close combat on both sides, resulting in few numbers on both sides
  • Fateweaver scored 2 boon of mutations- (so glad I painted up 2 Chaos Spawn just in case)
  • my 5 reserves all arrive in turn 4, with the plaguebearers and bloodletters arriving to claim two objectives
 A win for Lord Halfpenny, on VP's and KP's. really good first game, Terminators are a pain against flamers.. my first BW victory!

Battle 2-  Rob, from Generation 40k (generation 40k) Grey Knights/Blood Angels force 
Battle 2 saw me taking on Rob again, we fought at Blog Wars 3, were my Khorne daemons didn't fare to well..

Mission- Relic 
  • The chaos dice gods deserted me for this game, thus wave 2 arrived- all my troops and lightly armed units!
  • GK/BA took control of the battlefield, leaving very few units left
  • reserves arrive, taking control of the centre, Suol Grinder arrives and mishaps onto the build in the daemon deployment zone (very king kong)
  •  Dante and Sang guard arrive in the centre to battle the daemon prince, with support from a furiso dread and a dreadknight. The DP is slain, however all the sang guard are killed. 
  • End of game, relic is unclaimed.
A win for Rob on VP's, and KP's- a really good game which could of gone either way..

Battle 3- Morrbane from midtable-obscurity (midtable-obscurity)Tyranids

Mission- Purge the Alien

  • Correct wave 1 arrives turn1, taking the centre of the board, again lots of shooting taking gaunts out,
  • fliers ended up getting into combat too early, ending up getting 'tar pitted' 
  • Fateweaver 'boon's' the Doom- toughness test failed.. 
  • soulgrinder tears into the gargoyles
 This battle was on a knife edge, I was done on KP's- I needed some luck- thus the final decison- fateweaver is going to 'Boon' that Tervigon.. needing anything but a 6 tom survive Morrbane rolled a 6! the result, a new spawn, KP's for the Tervigon, and for the resultant loss of 2 gaunt squads! a win on the last dice roll!

A win for Lord Halfpenny- very lucky, and very narrow it has to be said!
Thoughts from BW4 -
  • the daemon force worked well when the correct wave 1 arrived as planned
  • the key units performed superbly through the tournament
  • Fateweaver was a beast, however I should use him as a flier only- he isn't great in CC
  • Boon of Mutation is awesome when it works..
  • more flamers maybe... 
As I write this, I am already planning my force for BW5... Please can we use Forge World models next time?


Siph_Horridus said...

Well done mate, 10th is super good and well done for keeping up the weeman end. Both results were good stuff, 10th and 12th.

Andy - bG said...

It sounds like you had a great time there, and your army certainly performed really well. Looked nice too!

Lord Halfpenny said...

cheers for the comments!

Andy- bG- as Siph will say, they'll look better once the bases are done... maybe that should be my new years res... lol!

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