23 Sep 2012

Weemen at Gamesday UK 2012 - Pic Heavy

Hello, back from Gamesday UK, lots of lovely FW goodies in the bag. Siph (me) got a Fellblade, the HH Betrayal book, some event only Enforcers, the Blood Angel Space Marine GD2012 figure and some Black Library goodness, ooh and a Jetbike for an improved future Master of the Forge Bike Conversion, Pornstarjedi bagged Angron, a Typhon Siege Tank, the HH book Betrayal and another Contemptor plus the event only figures too.

Golden Daemon was its usual high standard with the same people winning several Daemons each, or so it seemed. There were lots of decent armies on Parade too, anyway, here are some nice pics to feast your eyes upon...
 Apothecary Medevac Rhino

 Grey Knight Fortress under attack by Dark Eldar
 StormTalon Conversion
 More Ultramarines than Pornstarjedi... just

 Orks on Parade
Nids on Parade

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