27 Sep 2012

Relictors Devastator Squad IX Rhino / Razorback

So after a number of FW goodies being done, and a whole lot more purchased at Gamesday, I've neglected actually completing any more of the basic Relictors Battle Company stock of troops and vehicles, so I knocked out this Rhino / Razorback to accompany Devastator Squad IX.
The film from the transfers is not this visible in real life, just under the spot light shows a little more...
The large markings are from the FW Space Marine Transfer sheet, much easier than freehanding! Although the top hatch one was a pain to get on and move into position.
As always, the vehicle gets a name, and the number denotes 5th Company, hence the Black Trim on shoulder pads and vehicles. And as always, the track section and edges got a light stipple of the Calthan Brown i use on the bases of the troops.
This Rhino is fully equipt to be a Razorback too, I magnetized a sprue section across the doors and top hatch, a very simple magnet job!
And finally, I'll leave you with a group shot, Squad IX with their very own transport. This leaves 2 Rhino's and 3 members of the Command Squad until I can say the Battle Company is complete... but it's never really complete is it?!


Dai said...

Well, 100 or so marines in an official "codex" company is 100 or so marines.
But starting on a SECOND company.... Now there's where I can see all this going!

(And wholeheartedly encourage! ^_^)

Siph_Horridus said...

Ha Ha, don't tempt me... I would have easily done a Heresy Era 2nd Company with the FW MKs of Armour but Relictors were formed after the HH, thank goodness!

As it is I'm having to find an excuse to fit in my newly purchased Fellblade!

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