25 Sep 2012

‘Nid DakkaFex - Tyranid Carnifex

Whilst Pornstarjedi and Siph have been having fun at Gamesday, somebody has to work... This is one of my favourite units in the‘Nid army – the DakkaFex has all the benefits of being a Carnifex and has 12 twin-linked S6 shots. Great for thinning out pesky marines or glancing light armour to death. With the current lack of Skyfire available to ‘Nids, the DakkaFex is probably also our best option for taking down flyers.
Despite having bought three Carnifex kits for various Tervigon and Tyrannofex conversions in the past, this is first time I’ve ever actually built one as it was intended... (darn good job too, great painting fella. I remember BlogWars 1 when two of these smashed my Relictors with 24TL shots!! - Siph)

1 comment:

vorropohaiah (A.K.A nathan, nelchael, synapse, dichotomancer...) said...

lovely colour-scheme on that carnifex. i love the carapace - any tips on how it was painted?

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