2 Jun 2012

Forgefather Vulkan Hestan the Relictor Space Marine

 Finally my Relictors Army was ready for this weeken's BlogWars3, here is the special character, Forgefather Vulkan Hestan (of the Relictor Variety). He is made simply from an AOBR Captain, a Grey Knight Halbeard arm, a Terminator Lightning Claw and a nozzle from a Heavy Flamer. As a homage to his 'Salamander' Fluff, I have made this Captain a Fourth Company Captain rather than my 5th Company, hence a nice Green 'Salamander' trim and green banner etc.
 Here you can see his TL HF Gauntlet of the Forge and a nice glow from the Master Crafted Spear of Vulkan.
 His Kesare's Mantle grants a 3++ save, so instead of using replitian type green stuff, I went for oily dark liquid metal cloak (and time was against me).
We did a mixed bag at BlogWars3, we'll post pics and posts of how we got along!!

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