13 Jan 2010

Vraks PDF Emperor's Fist Tank Company - Pt. 5

So after my last Vraks PDF post, John Lambshead from John's Toy Soldiers was asking about how the Army Painter Quickshade worked out for me. Well John, not too bad.
As you can see from the pictures, after leaving for 48hrs to dry as it is an oil based product (and the Purity Seal will shrink and crack), the shine prevented me from seeing the true results. Furthermore, although you can paint straight on to the Quickshade, it was fairly easy for me to rub the Citadel paint off so I've decided to matt varnish (GW Purity Seal) before continuing to do the detailing, started in the next photo.
As you can see from this photo the Quickshade results arn't all that bad and save a ton of airbrushing/applying washes. I would liken the Strong Tone Quickshade to a wash of GW Devlan Mud. There was a little pooling along the base of the track units however most was dabbed away with a piece of kitchen towel whilst wet, the remains will be covered up by weathering/mud splatter anyway.

Now just ten tanks to detail, highlight, further washes and weathering... oh boy.


Adam said...

Totally copying this for my Tau. Brilliant stuff!

John Lambshead said...

That is a really useful technique. Well done,

CaptainA said...

I really liked this technique. I was pretty amazed at the before and after shot of the purity seal. Very cool.

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