27 May 2024

Necron Dynasty - Hasmoteph the Resplendent - Necron Phaeron

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. My Necron Dynasty continues to grow its command structure. Here is the Event Only miniature released for nine days back in July 2021 for the US Open 40K Event.
Lord Hasmoteph the Resplendent, is equipped with a Resurrection Orb and a Staff of Light, and you can use him to represent a Lord or even a mighty Overlord within a Necron dynasty of choice.
Hasmoteph is a Necron Phaeron, whose list of titles grow longer with every conquest he completes. Among them are, the Master of the Thousand Worlds, Oppressor of the Vordish Hordes, Grand Immolator of the Poisoned Star, He who fought the Screaming God, Wielder of the Song of Sorrows. Master of the Seven Realities, Lord of the Outer Kingdoms, Executioner of Cossol, Wearer of the Starpyre Raiment.
During a battle, his Royal Warden, Mohep the Indomitable, acts as Hasmoteph's herald and proclaims the Phaeron's titles to his foes. Tradition dictates, that should Hasmoteph not be victorious by the time Mohep finished his recitation, then the Phaeron would be compelled to join the battle. On such occasions, Hasmoteph has doled out severe punishments to his Dynasty, in order to show his disappointment. Privately, however, the Phareon is willing his Royal Warden to finish proclaiming his titles; as it has been an age since Hasmoteph has gotten to butcher the lesser races in person.
I opted to pick out the Res Orb in Contrast Terradon Turquoise to show it's different from the Gauss energy reds and oranges of my Dynasty.

Cheers, Overlord Siph (10pts)

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