24 May 2024

Warhound Weapons - Done!

 Hello one and all!

Up this week is a selection of new Warhound weapons, that I've printed, and then completed.


Ursus Claw - this is the first of 4 to be completed, this work well in a pack of Warhounds for some nasty co-ordinated fire!

Volkite - These are great for stripping shields, with an extra 2 'hits' if you hit with one of the 3 shots (in AT) 
Grav - I love this version of the weapon, its looks similar to the dreadnought weapon, also for me it looks deadly! the high streght will cause loads of damage!
Conversion-Beamer - C-Beamer = one dead Titan, high strength and the option to maxi the fire S up further! ouch!
Missile pods - we all love a Void Shield Stripper! so I have 2!
These were made with my Anycubic Phanton, and then the Grav on my new Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra - I'm really enjoying bringing new weapon options to my FW Titans!

thanks for swinging by! LH (30pts)

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