14 Sep 2020

Legio Astorum - Reaver Titan "Aquila Oculus" - WIP #6 - Legs

Hello Titanseers and all, welcome back to this week's Titan installment, I have made the plunge and opted for Legio Astorum flame red lower leg armour, therefore needed to paint the Toe Piston Armour red too.
It certainly feels strange painting red for Legio Astorum, but I love the finish that the Citadel Mephiston Red spray has achieved and on the larger Front Toe Piston Armour I used a Black to White pre-shade underneath to achieve a slight gradient of colour. The whole leg plate will have to go from Dark Red to Bright Yellow so this was the first step of that experimentation.
The edges of the red were highlighted Evil Sunz Red to bring out the edges, and only the front toes are being glued in these photos, so I had to dry fit the other toes to ensure the correct line up, this foot being raised hence the angle of the front toe.
The brasswork was basecoat of Warplock Bronze over the Leadblecher, with heavy drybrush of Balthasar Gold and highlight of Fulgurite Copper. I used some chestnut Ink to mark a line of oil debris at the piston extremity.
Lots of toe pistons needed to be cut to length and dry fitted, so its a slow process of cutting fitting and gluing at this stage.
And the fiddly armour fixing points to the shins, ensuring a sound and tight fit between the two plates at the front of the leg takes time and patience... don't rush this step if you want nicely aligned frontal armour. The armour is also in pairs, one recess is larger than the other, count the rivets on the armour trim, (pair 11+13 and 10+12 go together) and the larger recess of each pair goes in the inside leg (pieces 13 and 12).

Thanks for stopping by, "Aquila Oculus" will Walk soon...

Cheers, Princeps Seniores Siph


  1. That just looks so stompy! Coming along well.

  2. Those are some big feet, don't want it to go line dancing any time soon.


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