12 Sep 2016

Necron Destroyer #5 w/ Gauss Cannon

Hi all, just a quick post to show more progress on the Necron Destroyer front, pumping them out, 5 done now from the massive to-do pile, feels good to make some progress, albeit small.
They won't win painting awards, but perfectly good for the table top, I enjoyed the transfer work on this one, a challenge to get it placed and flat before the Micro Sol softened it too much. A couple of liberal coats of Micro Sol later, and a seal from 'Ardcoat and they look seamless.
Here is a group photo. Four more to go before I move on to the Destroyer Lord or Heavy Gauss Cannon Destroyers, so I can field the Destroyer Cult Formation.
And a shot of the transfers, various designs, but pleased my transfer work is improving, the Necron Night Scythes were terrible for frosting on the transfer film. Think I've solved that now with the application of the 'Ardcoat layer to 'glue' it down before the matt varnish spray.

Cheers for stopping by, Siph.


  1. Looking good Siph! They look great, so when I am complaining about them blowing up all my stuff, I can at least point out how cool they look.

  2. Nice job Siph, will you dirty them up a bit later or keep them clean? I like em either way.

    Any news on you Warlord?....

  3. Cheers Greg, thank you mate

    Cheers Col H. Col H, i'm thinking done as they are. No painting awards for these, just getting the playable force together as an alternative to Marines. I still have a ton load of work to 'start' the Warlord properly but work (irl) takes me away! Seen how I want to do the chassis now so should progress when I get a chance!

  4. Looking forward to seeing it start. Also did Lord halfpenny every build his reaver? I was just looking at TOC at the old reaver numbers...

  5. Col, Lord H is in the initial build stages, legs mainly done to waist height but he is thinking of re doing the base. I try to get him to post his progress, but real life gets in the way of progress reports... Maybe I'll sneak a shot of his progress he sent me.... Shhh don't tell him! Lol


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