2 Sept 2016

Necron Destroyer #4 w/ Gauss Cannon

Hello good world, another quick update post, I've been centering my hobby butterfly on Necrons recently, so getting a few models from the to-do pile done and into the Necron army. As mentioned in a previous post, the Destroyer Cult makes Destroyers that much better and more usable, plus I love the AP3 Gauss Cannons so another Destroyer was finished off.  My Necrons are not going to win any painting awards, but they are simple, neat and tidy practical gaming standard and the blue contrasts well with the metallics.
I cut one of the larger transfers into two pieces which worked well in this example. I use Micro Sol to 'melt' the transfer onto the curved surfaces and then seal with 'Ardcoat once dry. Then seal the whole model with Purity Seal / AP Satin Varnish to get rid of the gloss. Makes the transfers seamless and look painted on.
A simple line highlight and the metallic parts are washed with Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade then line highlighted with Runefang Steel.
There you go, a quick hobby update. Any progress is good progress is a good mantra to have - especially when the To-Do pile is huge and GW darn them keep producing stuff I want to buy, looking at you Deathwatch and a Corvus Blackstar! They will have to wait...

Thanks for reading, hopefully some Necron Overlords out there get some inspiration - who wants green plastic toy Gauss rods anyway??!


  1. Presumably the relictor's gauss cannon armed devatators have the green ones...

  2. Ooh, now there is an idea not too heretical for the Relictors...

  3. Easy enough to shuffle a few Shuriken Cannon and Star Cannon your way.


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