4 Jul 2016

Relictors RTB01 Space Marines

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in, I picked up a squad of RTB01 from a well known auction site recently, for a bargain of about a quid each, so even cheaper in the States now Brexit happened! ;)  I already had a squad of my own from 1980's, but I thought I'd actually paint some up as Relictors to add to my ever growing (2nd) Battle Company - I mean 5th COY is almost complete, now I add units to the 4th COY....
The sculpts required quite a lot of clean up and mold-line removing, we just didn't care as much back in those days, this squad have some serious glue splodge issues too... the sculpt itself holds its own over time, nowhere near the level of posability or crisp details as the latest Tactical Squad, but I think these Classic marines look cool on 32mm bases.
I used the same colours and accents I usually do, brass magazines, red eyes, gloss Pauldrons, and based the same. I painted the powerpack vents metallic as they lack the detail of the new kits so looked better all metallic with a black dot on the underside rather than a grille.
Here is a size comparison shot of a modern Devastator, an RTB01 and the newest oldest LE2 Imperial Space Marine anniversary miniature.
As you can see against a normal MK7 Tactical Marine, the RTB01 is squatting a little and has thinner leg greaves, but overall I think these will blend into the Battle Company quite well. Just the other nine to paint up, I have had to add a FW Bolt Pistol to the squad Sergeant as an empty hand was lacking, plus a grenade holding hand on another marine as the poses were fairly limited if the left hand wasn't under the bolter casing, it was a closed empty fist.

Thanks for reading and I'll post some progress of something more shooty soon! Cheers, Siph.


  1. I will always have a fondness for the original plastic marines. Even though they have dated somewhat over time, they can still get the job done and look good doing it! I have experimented a bit with using modern arms on them as well and have had some interesting results with that.

  2. Looks like someone skipped legs day at the gym.

  3. Oooh, I've got a few of them kicking around. 1984 Blood Angels; when the Blood Angels were the most codex compliant Chapter.....

  4. Group looks great together!


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