18 Jul 2016

Grey Knights Rifleman Contemptor - Mortis Pattern w/ Autocannons

Hello Readers, I recently picked up a pile of Grey Knights, some unpainted, some painted and some WIP from Jeff at Pirate Viking Painting. I had already randomly picked up Interrogator Chaplain Seraphicus from Jeff in the past so I knew he can be trusted and the standard of his work is of a great standard, so the bargain of the month was not to be sniffed at - I am a hobby butterfly and these will help me bounce between projects keeping me motivated. I had already painted a Psycannon armed Grey Knight for myself so these kinda cemented that foray into yet another Allied Force I could have some fun with...
Here is a shot of the WIP state I received the Contemptor in, not too bad a starting point eh?
So, to satisfy my hobby butterfly, I thought I'd see if I could do a decent job finishing off the Contemptor. The Terminators and Strike Team already done by Jeff will only require matching basing and my Psycannon Grey Knight only needed another Asurmen Blue wash to fit in nicely, so I am confident I can expand the force to look whole as I add units, I've always wanted a Dreadknight or two after facing them from Lord Halfpenny's side of the battlefield.
I toned down the blue glaze over the carapace by stippling on Runefang Steel, drybrushed the magazines Brass to break up the Leadbelcher area, did the head, kneepads, shoulder icons, exhausts and purity seals and based the same as all my armies and this was the result.
I added a tiny skull to the shoulder badge where there is raised detail and echoed this on the kneepad with a Black Skull and crenelated pattern too. 
The base was finished off with a wrecked Iron Warrior bike from my bits box, 6thDegree plays Iron Warriors so it fits right in. I will play this as a normal or Venerable Grey Knight Dreadnought as I cannot find Grey Knight Contemptor rules even though these I guess are Grey Knight FW Shoulders? ###EDIT### seen that these are FW etched brass icons on 'normal' Contemptor Dreadnought arms, sweet.

Cheers for dropping by, Siph.


  1. The shoulders look like normal contemptor shoulders with some GK bits put on them. That being said, I don't even know if GK has been in the 30k universe yet. Either way, I'm sure no one would have any issue with you playing him as a ven dread!

  2. Greg, thought as much, in 30k the Grey Knights are just forming with Rubio and Garro etc. But looking at the arms, they are done well if they are stick on GK bits? No-one I'd wish to play should have an issue, model wise this is slightly bigger than a Mk4 Dred so no advantage for me.

  3. They look similar to other bits I've seen before. Generally the special contemptor arms are a bit more elaborate. I could be wrong (wouldn't be the first time).

  4. Yes mate, they are etched brass icons stuck on, just had a good look on the FW Grey Knight section. Edited the post above now ;)


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