15 Jul 2016

Relictors Battle Company Progress - Mordian7th chart style

Hi, I thought I'd have a little work related fun at lunchtime one work day and see if I could remember all my Relictors Forces and tote up what I have already bought and need to complete.... I know I get distracted by new hobby purchases and a long running joke is my lack of ability to finish off an actual Battle Company - I am precisely 2 Marines away from that goal!! One Veteran with Banner and one Company Champion for the WIP Command Squad... well Mordian7th is great at putting up To-Do Charts and sticking to them, me less so.

Anyway, there you go... a lot of Relictors as can be seen by the chart above and a Parade Ground photo from Feb this year, and some To-Do; and yet no actual Battle Company per se yet...


  1. Daaaaaang! I knew conceptually that you had a lot of Relictors, but I didn't realize just how many there were - awesome work, man! I do enjoy the painting chart, it helps keep things organized and there's a nice feeling when you get to tick some boxes over to green. Good stuff!

  2. OOooooh. I need more Templars...

  3. Ooo pretty colours.

  4. Nice chart and tons of mini's done! Good job!


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