16 Dec 2014

Imperial Knights - Questoris Knights - WIP

Hi One and All, thank you for looking.. sorry its taken a while to blog any of my progress- to busy ATM..

Just a quick post on my WIP Imperial Knights,

I have opted to create my own 'Knightly Order' with the background behind them being an order that had there initial home world destroyed, thus they have in essence became a 'freeblade' house. I will explain more behind them in a future post.

Below are the first 3 of my Knights, all almost complete- you might have seen them in previous battle reports..
I've gone for a metallic finish to the knights, with the 'green knight' acting as the leader of the 3. My plan for the house is that they will operate in packs of three, with the lead Knight having a green colour. The ion shields are to have transfers applied with the house symbol, 2 numbers relating to  the 'pack number' and squad number and a space for a personal heraldry. The Right pauldron will carry the Imperial eagle on it, with the Left and other armour plates carrying symbols of honour, awards etc.

I've also integrated LED lights into the heads of all 3, and will show them 'on' in my next post.

All three have had a scenic base built, with the view of all three walking through a destroyed building complex- with bodies of both Necron and Relictors of Siphs forces, as well as a random Ultramarine. Further knights will have the remains of 6th Iron Warriors on them..

Thanks for looking- and enjoy your time with the Weemen team!


  1. Great knights! The base synergy between them helps tell a story, which really elevates them.

    Looking forward to the LED article.

  2. thanks for the comment! It took a while to plan the bases, but I'm glad I did- as they look good individiually and as a set.

  3. They look great. I totally agree with Greg, that the base is what binds the models together. What are your plans with the heraldry?

  4. thanks Revan88,

    I'll be adding details on the Heraldry in the next post, basically it will be a commination of the 'house symbol' numbers relating to identifiaction and a personal symbol relating to their past deeds/original house symbol etc.


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