26 Apr 2014

Weemen is getting a whole lot bigger... the final post..

For the last few weeks I've been running posts on 'Weemen getting larger' here is the final post.

As you may have guessed the model in question is a 3 foot 2, Imperator - purchased from a well known auction site- The Imperator is one of a kind, made by the guys at bluewarpstudios As you can see he is pretty big! however it fits my view of a warlord as a kid when I started the hobby- it also feels the right size having played Space Marine on the Xbox, where the captain jumps onto the warlord to fire the volcano cannon.

 I'll post more pictures in the coming weeks- but here is a couple of pictures to wet your appetite!

 This Shadowsword looks epic in proportions..
 Marneus and Fateweaver by his base
 Marneus and Fateweaver admiring the view from the Imperator's Carapace
'Dominus Bellum' of the Legio Astorum

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