19 Apr 2014

GW Web Exclusive Space Marine Captains - Pics

Hi, just thought I'd share some pics as the second Web Exclusive GW Space Marine Captain has arrived. Welcome if you are just over visiting from Faeit212! If you are a power armour fan, please feel free to have a look at my Relictors :) where these Captains will end up.
The first one is only available until the 4th May when you spend over £60. I like the scabbard, all Khorne-like, but not too sure of the skull cloak, but nice all the same - and not fine(fail)cast, so mega-happy about that too. The GW plastics are looking great these days.
The second Captain, Web Exclusive 2 of 2, is £18 when you've entered the promotional code of the first Captain - This is the Plasma Pistol Captain, no Iron Halo but could easily swap out the cloak part for a normal rear torso and use as a Sternguard. The Powerfists can be used on any mini too for those worried about the cost of Fists on characters.


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