14 Apr 2014

Battle Report - Grey Knights and Imperial Knights vs Necrons and Relictors - 1850pts

Since Siph had painted up some Necrons and Lord Halfpenny had painted up some Grey Knights, it was an ideal opportunity to get some 40K with our new miniatures and test out the rules.  They 'grey' Imperial Knights were not painted, but we decided to relax the house rule of only using painted miniatures on this occasion so Siph (to his eternal regret) could see how they perform on the battlefield...

The Mission was Emperors Will, 2 base objectives, secondary objectives were First Blood, Linebreaker and Slay the Warlord. Lord Halfpenny's Warlord was Draigo, Siph's was Imotekh the Stormlord. We decided to have an up close and personal on the Battleboard. Necrons won first turn and initiative was not seized.

Siph's List

Destroyer Lord w/ Warscythe
Warriors w/ Night Scythe x2
Immortals w/ Tesla and Cryptek
Immortals w/ Gauss
C'Tan Shard w/ Pyroshards and Entropic
Canoptek Spyder
Canoptek Scarabs x5 and x4
Relictor Allied Libby w/ Kineshield
5x Tac Squad w/ Grav and Combi Grav
Mortis Contemptor w/ Kheres and Cyclone
Pred Annihilator

Lord Halfpenny's List

Paladin Squad
Corteaz w/ Acolyte Warriors x5
Aegis Wall w/ Quad Gun
Dreadknight w/ Heavy Psycannon
Imperial Knight Errant
Imperial Knight Palaldin
Vindicare Assassin

As you can see from the match up, these were not ideal matches. Siph only had two answers to the Knights, the Pred and Mortis with Krak... or some luck with CC C'Tan, Destroyer Lord and Spyder. But much fun was had trying.
Turn 1
Gauss Immortals advance towards the Knights and bring down the Assassin getting First Blood
Nightfighting in effect and Imotekh Lightning Storm struck the Knight Paladin removing 2of6 HPs
Knight Paladin in return Battlecannon's the Immortals but misses and catches Imotekh in a blast causing a wound.
Knight Errant Thermal Cannon'd the Immortals felling 4 but 2 reanimate. In CC destroys 5 Scarab Bases.
Turn 2
Pred and Mortis Contemptor open fire on lead Knight Errant but the Ion Shield and Armour save it.
C'tan Shard CC Knight Errant stripping 2of6 HPs but is stomped on and carved up in return, failing 8 of 10 wounds.
Canoptek Spyder in CC with Knight Paladin strips 2of4 HPs but is tied in combat.
2 Night Scythe's enter play, Tesla the Paladins killing one and the other intercepted by the Quad Gun resulting in it's weapon being destroyed!
Gauss Immortals strip 2of4 HP's off Knight Errant
The Knights continue the charge, Thermal Cannon melting the Contemptor and Predator... looking grim for Necrons, and charging Immortals killing the squad outright squishing them underfoot.
The Knight Errant in CC with Canoptek Spyder squished him like the mechanical bug he was.

Turn 3
Imotekh Lightning Storm was ineffective.
Immortals with Tesla and Cryptek fire on Draigo and Paladins killing one Paladin and wounding Draigo.
Destroyer Lord in CC with Knight Errant tied.
Knight Paladin w/ Battle Cannon kills 2 Warriors
Quad Gun velocity locked the damaged Night Scythe
Draigo and Paladins open fire on Immortals with Storm Bolters and Psychic Powers killing one but failing the charge distance.
Knight Paladin in CC squishes the remaining Necron Warriors.
Necron Destroyer Lord glances the Night Errant 1of2 remaining HPs but just can't finish the job remaining locked in combat but is squished in the Knights turn 3.
Turn 4
Immortals Tesla Draigo Squad and wound 1 Paladin
Imotekhs's Staff of the Destroyer (AP1) fails to reach the Paladins and with it condemns himself to the counter charge!
Both Night Scythes zoom off table to return (hopefully).
Scarabs attempt t slow down Draigo but are dashed aside.
Knight Errant Thermal Cannon'd the remaining Relictor Sqd at his feet but in the confusion scatters and strikes his own leg - stripping his remaining HP and staggered 7in and died in a Titanic Explosion! wiping out 3 marines.
Remaining Knight Paladin heavy stubbered the immortals killing one and Battlecannon'd the remaining Relictors leaving only Imotekh and a couple of Immortals to face Draigo and the Paladins in the centre...

Draigo wiped out the Imotekh and Immortals in CC, challenging the Stormlord in personal combat but in true Siph fashion, Imotekh failed two +2 saves rolling two ones tabling the Necrons in Turn 4.

Lord Halfpenny

Wow- what a battle- it was great to try my newly finished Grey Knights (and use the 'grey plastic' Knights) - and they performed well against the Necron forces. The unit(s) of the game has to be the Imperial Knights - they simply steam-rolled through Siph's army. I was surprised how amazing they are in close combat even without using the Reaper Chainsaw - stomps were incredible - and I can't wait to see how efficient stomps could be verses hordes etc..
The moment of the game has to be when the Errant managed to kill himself with the thermal cannon blast!!


Although the match up may not of been optimised for taking down Knights, I was going to have fun trying with the limited Necrons I had painted up. I didn't mind, I wanted to see the Knights in action - but it could of been very different if the first turn Lightning Storm caused a '6' on the damage chart and exploded the Knight whilst standing next to the other one - a titanic explosion would of taken both out ;) But alas, the knights indeed rolled over my forces - but watch out for massed gauss firepower - If I had more Warriors they could of bought them down too - the Immortals gauss fire stripped two HP's in one turn - it was a shame they were stomped for their actions :)

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