28 Apr 2014

Necron Canoptek Scarab Swarm

Hello kind readers, a simple paint job multiplied by 95 can give a good looking result... here is my latest offering for the ever growing Necron Army. A great swarm of Canoptek Scarabs! 16 bases of them, all that lovely armour and tank eating goodness.
I didn't like the fact that a swarm of Canoptek Scarabs is often referred to as a 'swarm' yet the bases are all too often barren with 3 or 4 Scarabs at the most... well, I have 6 per base and I think the result is a much better look.
I opted to paint only a few Scarabs per base in the blue accent colour of my Army and overall it saved a lot of time and effort and the result IMHO is better than if I'd painted every one blue. I love the overal effect of the simple scheme with the glowing gauss energy eye in the contrasting red.
These will be truly frightening to come up against if I had some tanks like a Sicaran or Landraider Achilles for instance, but so far their only outing was against 2 Imperial Knights and because of their size, the 'Invincible Behemoth' special rule means they were immune to Entropic Strike :( ###edit### Scarabs got good again, just Glances now... Work on Imperial Knights once again! ###
Never fear (they are Fearless) they will have their day... unless I have painted enough Fast Attack slot Wraiths and they they might not get a look in!

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  1. Agree with the blue. It works really well placed on some of them, and not all of them. Editing is sometimes the hardest to do in this hobby, but you definitely made the right decision here. They look great! The AM tanks are going to be fearing those swarms!


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