14 Feb 2014

the6thdegree at Red Steel Preston Painting Competition 2

So around a year ago my local gaming club, Red Steel Preston had their first annual painting competition - and I did pretty well, picking up first in the large model class with my Forgefiend.

We recently held the second installment of the painting comp and I decided to submit my Helblade and a small squad of Iron Warriors in Mk3 armour (which I've not posted up yet), led by a Praetor.

As with the first competition, the club had a photo booth ready to take pics of all the entries, so here or mine (pro-photo style!).

You can find the Red Steel gallery here.

I am very proud to say that my Iron Warriors were able to help me pull another win - for the squad! Woot!


  1. Well done mate, superb job as always. Love the plasma effects on the Iron Warriors.

  2. Cheers. BTW - thanks for the heads up on that site. The Praetor is the only legit model there...lol.


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