22 Feb 2014

Lord Halfpenny's new hobby corner

Hi All,

A quick post to start the week. I thought I'd share with you my new hobby corner. I recently bought several paint rack systems from eBay, with a view of developing a good hobby area to work in. Previously I had paints in all manner of boxes, and would really only use a small palette of colours due to space- I was also very bad in having multiple projects on at the same time filling the work bench.

I bought the items from frontierwargaming (http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/frontierwargaming) Frontierwargaming were extremely help full and have a lot of other useful bits for all war gaming.
The Racks come flat packed, and go together really well- the instructions are easy to follow.. My rack system incorporates 4, 34 spaced straight racks, a corner paint pot rack, and an accessories rack. each rack has spaces for brushes etc. The paint pot spaces are designed to house almost all model paint pots. 

The racks went together really well, and sit nicely as a unit. These can be magnetised to one another to make the racks 'one piece'

I'm really happy with the racks- although I have found I have a slight OCD in making sure the paint bots are in exactly the right position and place...

I've also added a 'spice rack' to act as a conveyor belt for models as i paint them- also there are two desk lights, one being a 'day light' light with magnifying glass. There's also an Ipod docking station in the corner so I can have some tunes busting out as I paint! 

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