27 Sept 2013

Iron Warriors - (kitbashed) Chaos Spawn

So here are a couple of conversions I built a few months ago but never got round to painting – well, now they’re done!
You might remember that I kitbashed an IW-themed DaemonPrince a while ago – not to use in any of my lists, but in case I got lucky on the Chaos Boon table. I then realised that I hadn’t got any Chaos Spawn if I managed to roll at the other end of the table…
Rather than forking out £20-something for a couple of GW Spawns which would probably not see the light of day (and not look very IW-like), instead I decided to kit-bash my own out of spares.
As you know, I’m not going for “chaosy” IWs and also wanted to reflect that with any Daemons associated with the army. I immediately thought of the Technovirus (which according to some fluff originated from Nurgle) and The Thing (got to love the effects of the mutations).

The first Spawn is an old CSM from my bits box that I hacksawed in half. I then patched up the sawn edges with greenstuff and added some fleshy texture and connected the two halves with guitar wire (bottom E I believe…) for mechanical guts/tendrils.
I wanted both Spawn to appear as if they had recently ‘changed’ so painted all the armour as I would any other IW trooper. Tamiya X-27 (with a touch of brown) was used for the blood (we might see more of that later in an idea I have for another unit….).
The second spawn was relatively simple to bash together – although it took quite a bit of greenstuff to get the limbs to meet in that position… The head is a 3rd party bit from Puppetswar.eu.
I didn’t think these guys would ever get used, but the first time I took them out a lowly CSM Champion ascended/descended to spawnhood after hacking apart one of LordH’s Termi Sergeants in a challenge…and then went on to finish the Termi squad and trash a Razorback…so maybe the dark fates are watching minis after all…?


  1. Very cool! I really dig how those have come together (or are being torn apart, to be more precise)!

  2. Love the idea on this! Great work!


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