21 Feb 2012

A Few ‘Nids (Pic Heavy)

Judging from the number of completed model posts I have up on here, you would assume that I have only finished about 6 models in my ‘Nid army since I started playing 40K again back in August 2010… The truth is, I have now got over 3000pts of painted ‘Nids and around another 1000pts still to go (this could drastically increase if the rumours of a ‘Nid 2nd wave in March are true). The problem is that I am just crap at getting round to taking photos.

I primarily put this down to Blog Wars and the fact that I’ve had to paint up nearly 1000pts of models in 3 weeks before both tournaments and have been burned out after and ended up packing the models away for a month or two (and subsequently forget to take any pics).

So I thought I would post a few pics of some of the bigger pieces in my army:

First up the Trygon. I painted this about 9 months ago so my painting has improved a bit in the time. I need another one or two of these and although the model is nice, I don’t want three identical versions, so expect to see some conversions soon.

Next up we have my 2nd Tervigon, which I converted about 6 months ago. I really think my converting and painting has started to develop since I made my first one.

And finally we have the Swarmlord that you may have seen unpainted in previous posts about 3 months ago. I really like this guy; loads of work went into the conversion and it has resulted in a pretty unique model. The Rippers on the base are magnetised to act as wound counters.


  1. awesome looking models 6th! looking forward to seeing you tackle some of the bigger FW nids next! :)

  2. Looking good, wish I could get round to painting my nids quickly.


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