7 Feb 2012

Warmachine – Khador Destroyer

Here we have the first Warmachine mini that I painted (I’ve been posting them in the wrong order…) – a Khador Destroyer.

I have been building up my plastic warjacks with magnets so I can make different ‘jack variations and remove bits when they are damaged in a game. This guy has his arms and head magnetised.

The Destroyer got chosen as a test model because I have found ranged ‘jacks less effective than dedicated melee monsters like Beast ’09 and Juggernaught’s.

It was the first time painting something this size that doesn’t have scything talons, so I used it to practice some techniques I was planning on using across the army as a theme – mainly edge highlights and a clean/simple finish.

The colour scheme is as follows:

Armour – White undercoat followed by a coat of Blood Red and then Red Gore. Edges/details are then highlighted with Bleached Bone. It is finally washed heavily with Baal Red.

Metals – Boltgun Metal/Shining Gold with Mithril Silver highlights. All metallics are then washed with Devlan Mud.

It’s pretty basic, but my thinking is that if I can get the basics of the colour scheme nailed, I can then start playing around with damage and weathering effects later on. I'm now working on a Juggernaught and hope to be able to make it a bit more interesting than the Destroyer.

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