28 Feb 2012

Titan WIP - another coming soon

Hello Avid readers,

My third titan is on the production line, again by artist Richard Gray of RichardGray Creations, this will match the Reaver 'Honorum' and Warhound 'Canis Bellum'. It will be another Warhound but with twin Turbo-Lasers for the 'D' destroyer status! Nice.

With 'Canis Praetor' on the way, I can make an Apoc Formation with all three - any hits from the two warhounds will enable the Reaver to re-roll some goodness when targeting the same. Can't remember the finer details, lets just say - it hurts lots, simulating the Hunting Pack idea behind the Warhound, softening up the enemy before the big daddy titans finish them off.

Will post pics when received...

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