11 Oct 2010

Relictors Captain with Daemon Sword

So here is my Relictors Captain at last. I've had the model for ages but never had the confidence to do more than rank or file until recently when i've done Tigurius and thought, hell, another HQ is on the cards.
A simple enough head swop (eagle head icon someone elses work) from the un-helmeted original, power sword for Daemon weapon swop and a scope added to the storm bolter plus the addition of the SM Commander eagle-headed Backpack and Banner and finally a FW Skull Icon on the banner.
The sword can be used as a Daemon Sword (using WD 295(UK) rules for Relictors) or a Relic Blade or a Power Sword. But I know Aventine will be glad I've Daemoned up his weapon! Think it is originally from the WFB Chaos Marauders plastic kit.

My receipe for Gold is Brazen Brass, Highlight Shining Gold, drybrush highlight Mithril Silver. Works for me - simple enough.


  1. Long time reader, first time commenter: Great model. I just finished my Crimson Fist Captain a while ago.

  2. I am deeply impressed. That is a beautifully painted model. I love the sword.

  3. Very nice model, especially love the banner.


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