29 Oct 2010

How many Marines can I paint in a day?

That is the question I hope to answer on Monday 1st November 2010- I have schedule the day to do nothing but paint, and blogging as I go. The aim is simple, paint as many marines as I can. I'm intending to do updates after 2 hours, with images as I progress.

I must be mad!!


  1. I'm guessing 11 - at which point you realise you have run out of UM Blue and give in...

  2. Sounds like a fun challenge, good luck!

  3. Interesting idea, I am looking forward to reading how it went!

  4. Perhaps you should set a personal goal to have done by the end of the day, that way you have something to shoot for other than "as many as I can?"

    Either way, best of luck to you!

  5. This should be interesting. I can only do about 3 or so in a day. But i wish you luck.

  6. Looking forward to watching your progress. Good luck!


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