13 Oct 2010

DIY Carry Cases

As many grown up players might find, sometimes things like bills and mortgages and new TVs can get in the way of buying every weeNid and assorted accessory that you may want.

Additionally – every time I spend £15 on something that isn’t going in to my ranks, all I can think is that’s a dozen less gaunts that could be in the swarm…

With that in mind I have been recently looking at carry cases to store and move my stabby little friends around – and there are many types out there; standard and deluxe GW cases, custom made cases, budget card/foam cases the list goes on…but recently a like-minded friend (you know who you are FishInABox) pointed out another cool way of storing and moving your mini’s – VHS boxes!

I’m sure if you are older than 25 and anything like me, somewhere in the backroom/attic/garage you have a stack of old VHS cassettes that you cant bring yourself to get rid of despite the fact you haven’t had a VHS player in about 10 years (yes I know – you want to get a converter to copy your old VHS to your hardrive – but honestly…its not going to happen).

In just one minute you can have a stackable (and depending on your VHS collection) quite cool way of storing and moving your mini’s.

Step 1: Find a cool/retro/so-bad-its-good VHS box.

Step 2: Have a stiff drink and bin the VHS cassette.

Step 3: Line the inside of the box with bubble wrap.

Step 4: Put your Weemen inside.

A VHS box typically stores a full tactical squad/half a brood of gaunts and is a great way to keep them safe and organised for no cost.

Here we have X-Files Season 5 storing all my gaunts safely.

Next weeks handy hint: Using your cat as a drybrush!


  1. Absolutely genius!

    Sadly less useful for me, as I've over 250 infantry and no VHS cassettes remaining since I moved into a tiny cottage with no storage space...but pure genius nonetheless!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've not thought of using VHS boxes, but I do use shipping boxes for a squad of PAGK.

    I also use and egg carton for a dozen Tyranid Gargoyles. Haven't had a wing break off yet.

  3. Very cool. Would have never thought about using VHS boxes for minis.

    Looking forward to the cat as a brush article.

  4. I use enamel varnish and a plastic bag ... remarkably durable!

    Great recycle!

  5. I use this way of storage for my warbands and stuff. To complete the deal I also plan on making "covers" for each band to make it easier to find the models you are looking for. writing it on the back of the existing one also works but is less cool.



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