26 Sep 2017

Spartember - Week 4 - Finally Making Progress

Hi All, thanks for dropping by to check up on my progress. So, it seems like I am at where NafNaf and Turkadactyl were on Week 2... so I finally got the track units fitted and shaped.
I am rather pleased with my labourious endeavours, a seamless track on both units, so glad I took the time to trim and fit over and over again.
I've left off the exhaust towers so I can paint separately and get them weathered nicely before adding to the engine unit.
Then came the fitting of the sides to the hull, looking at Turkadactyl's efforts, I took the tip and made sure the track units fitted and were parallel, before clamping in several places to ensure a tight fit. I roughed up the adjoining surfaces to provide a better bond.
And the next day I had the fruits of several frustrating weeks, a solid straight tracked Spartan!
Next up was the start of the Rites of Colour, as this is a Relic Spartan, I decided not to spray completely Relictor Grey, I fancy a two tone Black and Grey scheme, so the outside of the track units were masked off and sprayed Grey, the main body will be black and I'll drybrush the tracks. I am thinking of painting the Aquila Red, to symbolise that the tank was once 1st Legion Dark Angels Black and Red colours, adapted by the Relictor Techmarines when recommissioning the long lost relic (Relictors were founded from DA and UM geneseed).

So, good progress has been made, I am happy if this is as far as I get with Spartember, it's built(!) but progress will continue this week, I've still a few days of Spartember left!

My fellow Techmarines progress is also continuing:
Kharybdiss is advancing with his Salamanders Typhon, it's looking great, metallics down and just looks like details to do.
Turkadactyl has his first Carcharadon Greys down and is advancing with his scheme too. Looking great!
Thutmos has also advanced some of his scheme for his Typhon but progress slowed due to visiting AdMech emissaries visiting the Forge.

NafNaf is lost to the warp - his Navigators are struggling with the Warp Storms created by the rift, so will report back when able. In the meantime, the forces of Space Wolves are amassing for Dreadtober perhaps?

Thanks for dropping in, more progress soon I hope. Cheers for looking, Siph.


NafNaf said...

Cracking job Siph! Your efforts have certainly paid off with those tracks, they loom seamless.

I have finished my spartan now. Just got to write up the post and take pics. Needed a break from it as it was not a good fit all the way through (which you will see in the next lot of pics)

Kraggi said...

As much as i love the Forgeworld models, they are always such a pain to assemble, especially if you end up having to switch back to a plastic kit after / during assembly!

Good job though!

Mordian7th said...

Awesome build, man! It is a bear of a kit and you've done a cracking job on it!

neverness said...

That is a lot progress, and it is looking really good! I look forward to seeing the finished model!

Dibdab Hobby Blog said...

Looking really good

Espec seeing that you had the harder to fit tracks.

Making very tempted to pick up one

Zzzzzz said...

Looks great !

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. The rest is child's play now. Isn't it a big relief to get this daunting project out of the way now? Now kill some heretics for the Emprah!

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