10 Nov 2015

BlogWars X - Siph's Battles and Results (Pic Heavy)

Firstly, a huge thank-you to Alex from 'From the Fang' for organising and running and participating in the tenth BlogWars friendly tournament, the third I have attended and the third I have enjoyed greatly. Whatever format the future holds I am sure you'll get Weemen attendance like every BlogWars! And a thank-you to my three gracious good humoured and friendly opponents for an excellent time when I was winning or having my butt handed to me...
My first battle was against Will Pomfrey's Sentinels of Terra Imperial Fist army with plenty of re-roll Bolter shots and general SM goodness, which was good for a first opponent as I knew what SM's were capable off so no surprises, just lots of Bolt shots :)
A drop pod in my lines with Grav Centurions didn't last the return fire from my own after he killed a Castelan Robot.
A SM Drop Pod of Bolters, Hvy Bolter and the HQ turned up and removed my Electro Priests except three, before my return fire did them back.
Turn three was starting to look bad for me, a wall of Yellow advanced on my lines and I had from somewhere a turn around of luck and I started to fight back. Lord Halfpenny had already been tabled and came over to see the same here - he thought... But I started to gain the advantage, destroying a Vindy and Vulkan despatched a Landspeeder Storm and Occupants.
The Kastelan and Tech Priest closed with the Landraider and Assault Centurions and somehow survived. Tech Priest killed the Vindy.
The later turns of 5, 6 and 7 meant the Fists got ground down, my StormTalons arrived and Vulkan was unstoppable taking out the second Scout Landspeeder Storm until a 4-round combat with a Siege Drill ended him, then the victory of the Centurion was cut short as a StormTalon rendered him to death... result a close win for me and a tabling for Will, 1950 maximum points for me, 1755 for Will. Great game and a great opponent, thanks man.
The second game was against Jason Roberts' Necrons, they had two large BS5 blobs of Warriors and lots of Tomb Blades, 6 Wraiths and a nasty Nightbringer Toughness 8 Formation 'Conclave of the Burning One'.
Jason was a good opponent and knew his Necrons, they annihilated me piecemeal over the next few turns... all I killed in total was 7 Tomblades and one Wraith.
The Deep Striking, Blinding, Toughness 8 Nightbringer and 2 Crypteks just would not die and Vulkan and Grav Centurions and Scouts and Kataphron Breachers all died..
80 Gauss BS5 shots and a lot of saved RP rolls gets quite frustrating but I knew Jason was just doing his job, I hope I didn't come across as ungrateful, I enjoyed the game as I learnt a lot about my own Necron force abilities (the hard way!) and know I need to field my Warriors in big blobs, boost with Triarch Stalker and saw first hand that Wraiths are great! And a deep striking toughness 8 monstrous creature was a hard nut to try to crack!
Well done to Jason for a maximum 33pt to Nil Objective win over me, but my pride was not dented too much as the StormTalon still soared above the field, even if it had taken a while for either of them to turn up! :(  Thanks for being a sporting opponent Jason, and gracious in your win!
The final battle was against Ian Plumpton's Skitarri and Imperial Knight, I was looking forward to this match up, I wanted to go up against a Knight to see what Torsion Cannons and Grav could do. Vulkan's Master Crafted ability on Multi-Meltas will also help. And having some un-fielded Skitarri of my own, I was keen to be on the receiving end.
The right flank Breachers and Marines were a little overwhelmed and I had to abandon that flank, rather than deal with three Crawlers, Ian luckily had little anti-air, so my Talons on Turn 4 (double one twice for Reserves!) were both used to good effect.
The left flank faired a lot better and after a fatal twist of luck for Ian's Ion Shield placed to deflect the three Torsion Cannons from it's flank, my Grav Centurions were able to rip apart the Knight. Huzzah! The ElectroPriests killed some RustStalkers and generally everything seemed to go quite well for me with regard to Tactical Objective cards, making it an up hill struggle for Ian from turn 1 and an eventual win for me, 16VPs against Ian's 9VPs but a great opponent and a thoroughly enjoyable end to a great day. Thanks Ian, top bloke.

And finally, the results of our tenth Weemen outing to BlogWars, well done Lord Halfpenny placed 13th of 50 with his SM Skyhammer Annihilation Force, nowhere as cheesy D as two Eldar Wraithlists(!), I placed 29th with SM and Ad Mech after two wins and 6thDegree placed 38th with his Iron Warriors CSM. A great weekend whatever the outcomes!


Ian Plumpton said...

A great battle that. Would have been very different if not for the Stormtalons dragging their heels!

NafNaf said...

Was great to meet you there and have a good chinwag :). I have played Jason a few times (he goes to the same gaming club as me) so know the pain his necrons can cause. Glad you had a blast and hope to see you at the next event Alex puts on :)

Siph_Horridus said...

It was great to meet you too Naf Naf and the same for Dave Weston, we follow Blogs but it is nice to put a face to the name, hopefully match ups will allow a game at the next event.

@ Ian, it wasn't a one sided affair by any means, the aircraft did help but the tactical objectives I was dealt in the first turn meant it was always an up hill battle for you. I was just very glad to have killed the Imperial Knight! It was great to meet you and have a battle,
You were a most excellent opponent and made the battle very enjoyable, thank-you mate.

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