6 Jul 2015

Relictors Airforce - Xiphon and Stormtalons - for the fun of it

Just thought I'd post a pic of my Relictors airforce so far, swooping over some suitable scenery as it looks awesome. I say so far... I still have a Caestus Assault Ram and a Storm Eagle to do, and a StormRaven with Chapterhouse extension kit to finish! Oh, and I want a Fire Raptor because they look even better than the Storm Eagle!

Facing the grey tide... resin and plastic mountain ;)


Greg Hess said...

Awesome...you have a ram too? Are you fielding all at once? I'd be terrified of that airforce!

ColonelFazackerley said...

Looks sweet.

The Fire Raptor and Storm Eagle are the same airframe, aren't they? Would it be possible to make a magnetised model that can be either?

Siph_Horridus said...

Cheers, yes I bought the Ram when it came out and never got around to it... a big box of FW awaits my attentions.

Col F, the FR and SE are both the same airframe, but model wise they are quite different, the FR has big rotating circular pods midships and the Bolt Cannon in the nose cone, so a lot different. But not beyond the realms of an experienced modeller - you'd have to buy the FR and then make the fuselage Missile Pods of the SE to do both kits.

I'll just buy a FR in the future when this mountain of resin has been done...

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