5 May 2014

Battle Report - Relictors Vs Necrons 1000pts

With the installation of my new Games Table, I was graciously asked by the GF if I wanted a cheeky inaugural battle on the table to break it in. I leapt at the chance, and got two forces together. The Necrons consisted of Imotekh, 2x Warriors with Night Scythe, 2x Immortals, Canoptek Spyder, 5x Canoptek Scarabs and a Destroyer Lord w/ Warscythe.

So with a little tutoring we had a 1000pt battle - Necrons vs Relictors, Relic, 3VPs for relic, secondary objectives Slay Warlord, Linebreaker and First Blood. Necrons won first turn. The scenario lent itself to an epic struggle in the ruins of the Chapel of the Aquila ruins in the centre of the board.
The Relictors set up opposite the cathedral ruins containing the Relic. They comprised of a Captain, 4x Tac Squads with Missle / Plasma Gun / Melta Gun and Flamer, Stalker, Dreadnought with DCCW and Lascannon.

Turn 1
The Necrons advanced accross the board, Imotekh opened up with the Lightning Storm striking the Dreadnought 6 times! and the Stalker 5 times! Great start, the lightning torn through the Dread killing him outright claiming First Blood and destroying one of the Icarus Stormcannon's and shaking the crew. The Canoptek Spyder opened fire on the Captain's Tac Sqd with the Particle Beamer but failed to penetrate the marines power armour.

The marines opened their turn with missile and bolter fire from the Mechanicum building toward the Scarabs removing a base. The meltagun armed Tac Sqd opened up on the Gauss Immortals slaying one only to see it reanimate at the end of turn. In the centre the Terminators advanced past the wreckage of the Dread gunning down a Tesla Immortal but the assault cannon went wild missing them. The Captains Tac Sqd opened fire on the Canoptek Spyder trying to bring it down with weight of fire but failed. The Plasma Gun armed Tac Sqd in the chequered ruins opened fire on the Canoptek Spyder but also missed. The Whirlwind faired better striking the Spyder indirectly taking a wound.

Turn 2
The Destroyer Lord moved up the flank towards the Whirlwind, along with the Scarabs. One Night Scythe arrived from reserve, gunning at the Missle Tac Sqd felling one marine and the Gauss Immortals also felled one marine leaving that Tac Sqd 3 members. Imotekhs Lightning storm was less effective this turn not striking any Relictor units. The Tesla Immortals in the centre opened up on the Terminators striking them 6 times but not penetrating the Tactical Dreadnought Armour. The Canoptek Spyder continued his advance toward the chequered ruins and Stalker but missed with his Particle Beamer.

The Relictors answered the Necron advance with heavy fire - striking the Destroyer Lord with missile fire and bolter fire but failed to wound his toughened exo-skeleton. The Whirlwind opened fire on the Scarabs sheltering behind the Oil Storage Tanks but scattered wide. The Melta Tac Sqd fired the meltaguns and combi-melta at the Gauss Immortals killing one. The Captains Tac Sqd and Terminators open up with massed fire striking the Tesla Immortals 20 times and destroyed them outright. The Stalker opened fire on the Night Scythe penetrating once but the living metal shook off the result.
Turn 3
The Necron Warriors used the wormhole from the Night Scythe to disembark and along with the Gauss Immortals struck the Melta Tac Sqd killing two. The Night Scythe zoomed over the Terminators concentrating Tesla fire on the Captains Tac Sqd but even with extra Tesla shots failed to penetrate power armour. The Canoptek Spyder opened up on the Plasmagun Tac Sqd hitting two with his Particle Beamer but failed to wound before charging into CC - killing 3 and narrowly avoiding the Sergeant's Powerfist and then ran the rest of the squad down as they failed their morale check. The Destroyer Lord ripped open the Whirlwind with ease using his Warscythe.

The 3 Marines in the Mechanicum Building opened fire on the Necron Warriors but failed to take down any of the warriors. The Melta Tac Sqd opened fire on the Destroyer Lord in their rear lines and failed to wound the construct. The Terminators seeing the Canoptek Spyder heading toward the Stalker opened fire on the bug, ripping him apart with rending Assault Cannon fire.
The Stalker open fired on the Night Scythe ripping it apart and sending the flaming wreckage down to fall amongst the Terminators killing one. In the centre, the Captain's Tac Sqd advanced into reach of the Relic in turn 4.
Turn 4
In the rear of the Relictor flank, the 2nd Night Scythe enters the board and strikes down one Melta marine. Necron Warriors gauss stripped the Melta Sqd further to one marine. The Destroyer Lord charged into the surviving members of the Missile Tac Sqd scything two in half easily leaving one remaining marine whilst the scarabs prepare to surround the remaining Melta marine. In the centre, the Gauss Immortals open fire on the Terminators killing one.
The remaining Melta Sqd marine opens fire on the Scarabs wounding one base and the Stalker see's a fleeting glimpse of the Night Scythe through the Cathedral ruins and strikes it 3 times but fails to glance. In the Mechanicum ruins, the Destroyer Lord easily scythes the remaining Missile Marine.
Turn 5
In the centre the Night Scythe wormhole unloads his Warrior cargo to prevent the Marines claiming the Relic - warriors shooting the Captain Tac Sqd tono effect but the Immortals enter the Cathedral and shoot up the same, killing one marine. Imotekh fires his Staff of the Destroyer but again falls short. The other Warrior Squad outside the Cathedral ruins open up on the Stalker trying for a lucky glance but failing. In combat the final Relictor on the flank is stripped to atoms by the Scarabs, the Destroyed Lord advances unimpeded towards the Stalker.
The Relictors claim the Relic in the centre and all open fire on the disembarked Warrior Squad, wiping them out. The Stalker again open fired on the Night Scythe striking it twice but failed again to glance (needing four's but failing again).

We roll for a turn 6 - as it is the Relictors would win if the game ends now - claiming the Relic (3VPs) against the Necrons Linebreaker and First Blood (2VPs). But, the game continues for a 6th.
Turn 6
All the action centres in the Cathedral, the Immortals and Imotekh fire on the Tac Sqd claiming the Relic and charge them slaying two marines. The Warriors move to get Linebreaker and open fire on the Captain hitting him 8 times with Gauss fire but the saves were all made.  Elsewhere, the Destroyer Lord charges the Stalker cleaving it in half and survived the ensuing explosion.
In the Relictor turn 6, the Terminators and Captain charge into combat with Imotekh and the three remaining Immortals but in a flurry of fluffed dice one Immortal and Imotekh survive the onslaught striking down the marine holding the relic.

At the end of turn 6 we roll to see if the game ends - as it stands the Relic has been dropped and all units are in CC so it is lost. The Necron's would win on Linebreaker and First Blood. The dice is cast and the game ends - a Necron Victory.
After thoughts - After a great first turn with Imotekh's Lightning Storm he was pretty ineffective but worth his high points cost! Six hits on the Dread and 5 on the Stalker halving the Stalker guns and killing the ancient machine, glanced to death - not a glorious end for a Chapter hero. Again his Staff of the Destroyer fell short - 2D6 range below 6in again. Turn 5 was a marine win, however it went to a sixth and the Necrons won. In the seventh it would of swung back to the marines favour with the inevitable loss of Imotekh - but alas it was not to be - Necron's won!

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