17 Feb 2014

Relictors Relic Whirlwind Scorpius - Forgeworld Goodness

I'm posting this whilst away again at sea, I completed this over Crimbo and you've seen it perform admirally against Lord Halfpenny's UM's. Here is the latest offering for the growing Relictor Armoury... A FW Relic Whirlwind Scorpius. After being on the receiving end of one of these from Lord Halfpenny's Ultramarines, I had to get one! AP3 goodness, and D3+1 shots if it doesn't move! Marine killer... I found out the hard way :)
The launcher shape is the big difference from a normal Whirlwind, very Rogue Trader Missile Launcher-esque, it also has a Deimos Rhino Hull. I love the look and feel of this Mark, a nice nod at the nostalgic past, I had several MKI Rhino's back in the day.
This variant also comes with a Stormbolter (two Bolters) as standard. Nice. The new IA Book Vol2 Edn 2 comes with all the updated rules for using these FW vehicles in normal 40K, or using escalation etc. The only limitation with this one, is it is a Relic of the Armoury, so likewise, it is rare you can only field one of a Relic classed vehicle in the army - so not OP, in my opinion, quite balanced and nice to spice it up.
I've added a number of Purity Seals and honours to reflect it's 'relic' status. The missiles are yellow to link it with the rest of the army and also to lift the model from being a rather dark one. Just like every vehicle I do, I regret my choice of boltgun metal coloured rivets - all 497 of them! lol
Here is a comparison shot with the second of my Whirlwinds, also with yellow missiles, the Relic Scorpius looks quite brutal I reckon!
And here is the simple magnet job to ensure the turret rotates but doesn't fall off. A simple bit of sprue and some powerful tiny magnets.

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Mordian7th said...

That looks fantastic! Excellent work, man.

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