18 Mar 2013

Relictors Drop Pod Armoury - Pics of all 5 Pods!

This post is really just a nice picture fest of my completed Pods, please enjoy. If you want to see the WIP and how to magnetise drop pods, please see my previous posts (here). The first pic is all the finished Pods in gaming glory. Just add some righteous fury filled power armour clad Relictor Marines...
The Emperor's Holy wrath made incarnate, the Relictors surge forward from their Drop Pods 
 The dropsite was leveled by the missiles of the support Deathstorm Pod before the Tactical Squads landed.
Squad I advances towards the enemy lines 
 Squad II
Squad IV
 Squad III - Until next time Traitor Scum!


Dai said...

Flippin fantastic.

Still no idea how 10 Marines supposedly fits inside one of those things? o_0

Mordian7th said...

Great work, man! Love the action shots!

the 6th degree said...

Jeez - that's pretty awesome and I do not want fight against them *cough imperial scum cough*

From The Fang said...

Look great as ever mate. Didn't realise you'd painted a bastion!?

Siph_Horridus said...

Cheers All, that's it for me regarding pods, no more...

Dai, I agree??? How... 12 by the rules too!

Alex (FtF), yes mate, a bastion as well, have a look at my 'scenery' labelled posts, it was a simple enough job. Thanks for the transfers too.

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