23 Nov 2015

Weemen at Warhammer World Pt3 - Assault on Angelus Hive (Pic Heavy)

This amazing Diorama is in the main staircase as you descend from the Exhibition Halls back down into the final Hall and Warhammer Shop

Next up is a few shots of some Miniatures from the Hall and Armies on Parade...

20 Nov 2015

Weemen at Warhammer World Pt2 - Exhibition Hall Dioramas (Pic Heavy)

 Age of Sigmar



 Heresy - Iron Hands Vs Emperors Children
 Tyranids Vs Space Wolves

 Death Korps of Kreig

 Astra Militarum on Parade

 Eldar Vs Tyranids

 Black Hawk Down 40K Style
 Rynns World Crimson Fists Vs Orks
 Tau Vs Mechanicum
Ad Mech Ordinatus 
Warlord with Mars Beta (WHW Exclusive) Head
Excellent Exhibition Hall, well worth the entry fee, the next Diorama is the EPIC Assault on Angelus Hive, 2 floors high and with over 5500 miniatures!
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