16 Jan 2017

WeeMen 2017 Hobby Goals - Not Resolutions Honest...

Hello Readers, So a somewhat belated Hobby Resolutions type post from us at WeeMen. We don't really do the Resolution type thing as that is usually the path to disappointment and the dark side. But, some hobby goals to focus our HB disease can't hurt - "Hobby Butterfly" and here are a few photos to show the severity of Siph's hobby to-do piles, blessed huge piles... a serious plastic and resin krak habit... I am very fortunate to have really ;) I know many hobbyists would love to be in this situation, I am very fortunate - but I work hard and have disposable income - its better than p*ssing it up the wall on beer.
This is under the games table - so 3 Knights, a Chapterhouse extended StormRaven, BatC boxset, FW kits - Caestus Assault Ram, StormEagle, Demios Predator, Land Raider Spartan among other things...
Ah, the Necron to-do pile
And a Space Marine pile...
And a drawer full of goodies... what could that be on top with a key?? Not something i'm gonna attempt, but awesome all the same! Any guesses?
And under the hobby desk... yes a Warlord, more Tau, Necrons, Genestealer Cult and Space Marines...
The hobby desk itself, I'm trying to clear that first, a Ghost Ark currently under construction, lots of SM Devastators and some Tau Stealth Suits and lots of Limited Edition blister packs, one under construction too...
Oh, and a Fellblade I bought on release at Gamesday! Still loafing... Lord Halfpenny had to wait for his another six months but is further ahead on construction of his UM version.

So, to the meat of the post. My hobby goal - to crack some of this in 2017 rather than buy lots of new shiny toys. I will still buy the splash release limited editions and painting supplies etc, but I will 'try' to limit my spending in 2017. A goal, not a finite resolution.

Lord Halfpenny has started his hobby goals, posting on the blog more regularly (four posts in 2016) and doing the FW Reaver Titan he bought on first release, FW Reaver Number 11; re-base his Ultramarines to new 32mm bases; finish off his vehicles and minis using transfers; finish 2nd Company Ultramarines(!); complete some Terrain; finish his Imperial Knights and have more actual Battles!

6thDegree has more modest goals, start painting again, get his mojo back; and if that happens paint the Decimator; Perturabo; his 2nd Warhound Titan; some 30k Characters and an Alien 1:1 scale Face Hugger (not strictly 40K but worthy of a post here!)

How are you all managing your plastic krak and resin addictions? Do you have a bad case of the hobby to-do piles? If so, send me a link to the photo evidence and i'll include here too :)

Here is to a productive hobby 2017 to all of you. I wish you well.

13 Jan 2017

Reaver Titan - WIP #2

Hi One and All,

Another quick Reaver post to update on progress,

I've started with the legs, and aimed to get the Reaver in a slight 'striding with purpose' pose, with one foot stood on the Rhino, the other aimed to be slightly up, as if walking forward. The hope is by spreading the weight of the body across the legs that should prevent any falls.
Each leg/knee/hip joint was pinned and then fixed using JB Plastic Weld, a two part epoxy resin, mega strong! Rubber bands were used to secure the joints in place as it set.
The plan will be to drill additional pins through the pelvis section into the hip ball to add strength to secure the model, - I intend to have the hip/body section magnetised, thus there will be a lot of force on this joint when the two are 'pulled' apart.

Thanks for looking!

9 Jan 2017

Mechanicum Thanatar Siege-Automaton #2 w/ Hellex Plasma Mortar

Happy New Year fellow Bloggers and Readers, thanks for dropping by. It was about this time last New Year when I completed his brother HERE. This mechanical beast is the Thanatar Class Siege-Automaton armed with the lobbing Hellex Plasma Mortar, large blast ordnance S8 AP2 fun-ness.
Here's the secondary weapon, the twin linked Mauler Boltcannon, which is a marine killing AP3.
Still loving the massive magazine and ammo feed belt.
This was the final model from the part-painted purchase I made at cost price as the old owner wanted to move on to another army and have made the scheme more Ad Mech than the original green US Army style the previous owner had started, but I liked some of the green bits, so chose to keep the torso and fists green.
Here he is with his brother, I matched the green / red scheme but changed a few panels to make them different, kind of makes me want to expand this army, they are mega cool models, but I really must concentrate on the unfinished models I already have! Still awaiting the Fire of Cryaxis so I can start using these in 40K proper.
That's all for now, hope you have plenty of miniatures to keep you busy this year! I certainly do. Cheers, Siph.

6 Jan 2017

Reaver Titan - WIP #1

Hi one and all,

As you may have seen in a previous years post, I own a Reaver titan, purchased at the same time as Siph's 'Honorum', numbered 10, mine number 11, and for some time (eons! - Siph) it has been sitting unbuilt, waiting for me to take on the challenge to build it and the confidence to do it!

As the only member of Weemen to not have a FW titan (*cough Armorcast, *cough Knights *cough Mega Massive Imperator piece) the time has come to bite the bullet and get it done! so 2017 will be the year I will complete the Reaver!
Currently all that is built is the base, with the inner parts of the Rhino from the battlescape built, and of course the corpse of a dead Relictor inside (obviously playing with Chaos books...), the interior is painted. My plan is to jigsaw the base so its slightly smaller, and shaped so that it isn't square, then will look to paint the base similar to that of a normal base. The Rhino might have a shade of 'Relictor' grey, or Iron Warrior silver. I'm not sure yet.
I'll look to post images and details as I progress with the build...

Wish me luck!

3 Jan 2017

Daemon Prince of Tzeentch - Fallen UM

Happy New Year Readers, thanks for dropping in and checking out our humble corner of the Blogosphere. Here is my latest addition to the fledgling Chaos Daemons force, I was building as a purely summoned Daemon force for my Relictor SM Librarians cold summon using Malefic Daemonology - for pure fluff reasons, Relictors fight Chaos with Chaos. But, I thought a Daemon Prince was a great miniature, and I could make this force a small Allied Force for either Lord Halfpenny or 6thDegree to team up with. I stress a small force! I am not committing to another large Army! I have too many projects on the go...
Here you can see that this was indeed a Ultramarine once, this is purely for revenge on Lord Halfpenny for painting up his Daemon Prince as a fallen Relictor Marine! Ha Ha... got you back! It also doubles as a nice way to use blue, a rather fetching colour for a Daemon of Tzeentch.
I couldn't paint him without pants, so he got some Action Man style blue spray-on pants!
The wings were washed with Ogryn Fleshtone so mark them as leathery sheets different from the spines, the main body colours were Zandri Dust, Ushabti Bone, Rotten Flesh and washed Agrax Earthshade after the base coat of Zandri Dust.
The axe was finished off with some Blood For the Blood God effects, the blue armour Kantor Blue and Temple Guard Blue highlights, and the Brass was from Game Colour.
Something different for me, and totally refreshing to paint a Daemon after Relictors and Necrons. Really enjoyed the experience and look forward to fielding him as a nuisance flying Daemon Prince like Lord Halfpenny does to me! Cheers, Siph.

29 Dec 2016

Terrain and Scenery - Alternative Cargo Containers

Hello Readers, so today I finished up my alternative to the great GW Munitorum Armoured Containers terrain. These are more along the lines of the fabled FW containers that FW keep adorning their dioramas with, however quite larger than the GW ones and not as detailed or cannot be opened. But, if like me you want LOS blocking scenery - then these are ideal!
These are from Ganemat.eu and discussed in an earlier post HERE. I decided for the first two, I would paint them Imperial Fist and Mechanicum colours, and have them based together on a single level. The next two will be stacked on top of each other so they will even block the LOS for Imperial Knights, Wraithknights and Tau Stormsurges.
I added some battlefield barricades and some Cities of Death ladders for interest and used some appropriate transfers. These will go well with my other Mechanicum themed terrain. I have a large collection of terrain now, I believe it makes the battles better. Check out the TERRAIN posts at the link.
Here finally are some scale pictures, easily hiding a Land Raider from those Tau Railguns! Or below, a Marine is dwarfed by them, so you can see why I added ladders!
Thanks for dropping in, hopefully you were given some nice WeeMen themed gifts for Christmas. Cheers, Siph.

27 Dec 2016

Happy Christmas! And the Charity Giveaway Prize goes to...

A huge thank-you to all our readers who pop in and say hi to our corner of the blogosphere. And a bigger thanks to the entrants to the Charity giveaway. It was only an arbitrary figure of:
500,000 number
... page views and now that's accelerated to over 531,000 already! Jeez, I'll have to start thinking what to give for the Millionth page view at this rate, lol.

So the crunch of the article, I used a random.org number generator to choose the random number click that would win, each entrant donation of whole £1 translated to a single entry, so a number was generated and the lucky winner was:
£69.26 raised so 69 whole pounds of entry tickets. Using Random.org generator:
Number 10, the tenth ticket happens to be among the first donation! Congrats to:


Contact me buddy with your address and I'll get this prize to you.

Thank-you for everyone who donated to this worthy cause, you are good good people. And thank-you to all the readers for making the WeeMen blog one of your blogroll regular reads, cheers.

25 Dec 2016

Happy Christmas

 Happy Christmas from the Weemen team! here's to 2017- a year with big plans, big WIP,  and big battles! (and 8th ed in something...)

23 Dec 2016

Eversor Assassin

Welcome Readers, thanks for dropping in. Following on from the Callidus Assassin I bought ages ago, here is a quick un-Christmassy post lol. Not a fat man in a red suit, but a black body-glove wearing brutal combat-stimmed psychotic Assassin instead!

I never got a copy of the Assassin Execution Force game on release however, plenty of Assassin models appeared on eBay shortly after and now they get their own blister packs. I didn't want to fund the money grabbing greedy re-sellers at the time, so I bought a pre-painted decent one from an artist/hobbyist instead. So not all my own work, just adapted from a real decent paint job.
I re-did the base and skull and dirtied with Typhus Corrosion, some small details, scope and lenses, highlights on the leather and red armour, brass shell cases, but I left the wonderful green glow of the eye lenses and the combat drug dispensers, but the little alterations made him fit my own forces
I saw Rob's 30kplus40k post about his Eversor Assassin base and that reminded me to get this one out of deep To-Do pile storage (I forgot I had him!) and out he popped and finished off.
So, not all my own work by any standards, it was a great job to start with, but hey, it's mine now and will be used in a battle soon! Can't wait to see how it performs on the field in melee, I've never fielded one myself but I'm told he is a beast when he gets there!
JustGiving - Raffle!

And it's not too late, please don't forget to hit the "JustGiving Sponsor Me" link above or button in the side bar >>>> to donate to a good cause and qualify for an entry into the weemen-500000-page-views-Charity-Raffle, details at the link, thanks. Draw closes Christmas day - thanks everyone who has already donated.

Have a very Merry Christmas one and all and an Assassin free New Year! ;)

19 Dec 2016

Necron Deathmarks - Hunters from Hyperspace!

Hello Readers, hopefully you are nearly prepared for the festive season if you choose to celebrate. Thanks for dropping in, here is the latest additions to my Necron force, some sneaky sinister sniper robots - the Necron Deathmarks.
These beauties are armed with the Synaptic Disintegrator, a rapid fire sniper weapon, so with the special Deathmark rules you'll definitely be able to position these within half range of the 24in gun and get two shots each.
But what makes these actually quite fun to field is the Hunters From Hyperspace rules, these basically get to shoot the enemy on the turn the enemy arrives from deep strike, so the Skyhammer Devastators with Grav Cannons arrive, step out of the pod and then these materialise next to them, firing twice and hopefully taking out those Grav Cannons in the Movement phase before they fire!
What makes them better, is the fact that on the turn they arrive from Deep Strike, Ethereal Interception means they wound on a 2+ rather than the normal sniper 4+ regardless of toughness. Yes, you may get normal armour (AP5) saves but wounding Tau, Monsterous Creatures, Artillery or Wraithknights or rending at AP2 might hurt those machines badly.
And they are an Auxiliary Formation to add to the Decurion Detachment so buff their Reanimation Protocols to a 4+. Certainly not game breaking, but an annoying useful Deep Striking harassment unit, especially when fielding a squad of ten - but then the Deep Strike scatter may affect the usefulness. And again, snipers with only BS4... the same as the Necron Warrior.
I can't wait to field these, firstly as a squad of 5, but I have bought another 5 to bolster their numbers. I painted them a lot darker than the rest of the Necrons, still used some Blue to link them in, but the main colour of these snipers armour is Black, edged with Eshin Grey, like any decent sniper should be ;)
Here they are harassing a Skyhammer Devastator Combat Squad.
JustGiving - Raffle!

And please don't forget to hit the "JustGiving Sponsor Me" link above or button in the side bar >>>> to donate to a good cause and qualify for an entry into the weemen-500000-page-views-Charity-Raffle, details at the link, thanks. Draw closes Christmas day - thanks everyone who has already donated (anonymous may need to contact me! - I think I know who it was of my fellow bloggers, but please PM me to confirm...)   Thanks, Siph.

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