1 Oct 2014

Orlock Necromunda Gang

Here's a bit of a random throwback - my old Orlock Necromunda gang. And when I say old - I mean it...I started playing Necromunda when it was initially released back around '95 (jeez...almost 20 years ago...) and had the plastic Orlacks that came in the boxed set - which I added to over time with the metal minis.

I remember these minis coming to uni with me around 2000, but then lost them in many student house moves, until an old friend mentioned that he had them a few months ago.

I was trying to get the gang into shape for an upcoming Necromunda campaign at my LFGS, but failed miserably, so didn't get around to entering. Annoyingly though, because of the timescales, I decided to only paint them to a basic tabletop level - but it turns out that I didn't use them anyway, so I could have probably spent more time on them...

The Gang Leader (aka Beric)
The gang is loosely based on the Brotherhood without Banners from Game of Thrones; a gang of outlaws who protect the smallfolk of the hive. Obviously in Necromunda they wouldn't be knights though - so I painted them up as a biker gang. To give them more of a theme, I painted flames (because of the link to the Red Priest) onto their leathers.

And the Brotherhood isn't complete without The Red Priest himself; Thoros.

 A Wyrd (aka The Red Priest; Thoros)

One of the Heavies (aka Anguy)
I made all the bases myself, from random bits and card, to try and give it more of an urban look, although again, I'm annoyed I didn't spend a bit more time fleshing them out with a bit more rubble/debris.
The Gangers

Anyway - hope you like and I hope I one day get round to having a game with them.

The Juves

29 Sep 2014

Necron Warriors - Squad #3

Just a quick update, another Squad of Warriors done for the ever growing Necrons... nothing fancy, the same as before - they are after all 'Legion' and should all be the same.
And to prove I'm not just posting the same squad as before ;) 3x 5 Warriors done.

24 Sep 2014

Iron Warriors - Land Raider

Hi everyone - today I am showing off my Iron Warriors Land Raider that I painted ages ago but forgot to take pics of...so sorry about that...
As with most of my vehicles, the Land Raider is kitted out with Forgeworld doors to fit in with the rest of the army.

I've added a couple of little extras to the model; some lock-boxes and fuel tanks I had lying around and a little missile launcher that can be a counts-as Havok Launcher.
 The Lsscannons got a bit of blue glowing effects so that it also matches with the components of my army with Plasma or big glowy engines (that's a technical term in the grim-dark).

22 Sep 2014

Relictors Assault Centurions Squad

Hello, I'm posting this whilst still away, however, here is my latest offering, the completed Assault Centurion Squad - these three should make short work of most foes in Close Combat, as long as they don't come up against the other Devastator Grav Centurions on the way!
This Marine is wading into battle with his arms swinging wildly, I used the pointing arm without the pointy finger.
This Marine must be locked in battle, he is rather static, but the poses the box set offer you are quite limited.
Here's the entire Squad wading into the fray, I do love the Sergeant's poise, arms low and out to the sides beckoning his foe...
And just a bit of a 360 degree look at all the detailing these wonderful miniatures have, they have grown on me, still a little telly-tubby marines but I like them.
And a quick top down view, just to show the very bulky nature of these guys!
And finally, a shot of all the Centurions together - I won't be painting many more of these in a hurry, they take ages to do!

Hope you like and thanks for stopping by.

15 Sep 2014

Relictors Assault Centurion Sergeant

Hello good readers, thanks for dropping in. Here is my latest addition to the ever growing Relictors Battle Company, some new Assault Centurions! Here is the Sergeant, the rest of the squad are following nicely.
Now these are chunky mofo's. Cetrainly a labour of love, I wouldn't want to paint anymore of these, they do take up some time, at one point I think I had over 50 components in the factory production line and that was with part built assemblies.
Every component has details and you need to part paint the innards before gluing together, a partlybuilt body with legs and basic arms can be done as one piece, followed by all the support struts, then weapons, cabling, more weapons, codpiece and finally shoulder pauldrons and head. Iused some Maximini skull helmets to emphasise the Relictors feel.
The Sergeant has TL Melta Guns, but the Centurion Marines will have TL Flamers. The Frag Assault Launchers in the chests will ensure they get into battle across terrain in a fit state and if charged may help them survive limiting the number of attacks. And those Siege Drills will make short work of Terminators, Vehicles and most Monstrous Creatures (if survive on Initiative). But I think they'll need a Landraider/StormRaven to get across the field!

8 Sep 2014

Terrain and Scenery - Mechanicum Ruins

Hello Readers, I have done quite well this year so far for terrain in my drive to get decent scenery to battle over, maybe the other Weemen, Lord Halfpenny and 6thDegree will follow suit ;)

Here is the latest offering, a ruined Mechanicum building, I used some leftover sprues of Cities of Death panels to fill the interior space and add realism. Again this building is simply black basecoat, drybrushed Macharius Solar Orange (Jokaero Orange) and Boltgun Metal (Leadbelcher) with a Calthan Brown Base (Mournfang Brown), drybrushed Kommando Khaki (Karak Stone) and Bleached Bone (Ushabti Bone).
A minimal amout of detailing on the Opus Mechanicus and door controls adds interest and focus and spot colour with a few patches of hardy weed.

I have now used up all my Mechanicus type Cities of Death panels but still have the majority of a box of Imperial City to construct. And the other Pegasus Hobbies Gothic Church to do - seen in WIP stage in the background along with the finished Gothic Ruined Church and Sanctum and Rock Outcrop.

For other terrain ideas, please feel free to have a look at the other Weemen posts on TERRAIN.  Thanks for dropping in.

1 Sep 2014

Terrain and Scenery - Mechanicum Reactor Scatter Terrain

Just a little update on my terrain and scenery drive this year, another little piece - a Mechanicum Reactor scatter piece to add some interest and maybe some much needed cover for a hard pressed squad, or to act as an Objective!  This was made using up some Cities of Death spare pieces and will accompany a future build as well as the earlier Mechanicum Ruins I did ages ago.
The bulkheads have been painted in the same style as the Manufactorium Ruins by simply undercoating black then heavy drybrushing Macharius Orange followed by Boltgun Metal. This way you can get great looking terrain painted rapidly and join the fight against plain grey plastic scenery!! Bases are optional, mine make the pieces sturdy and can rulewise delineate the 'moves through cover' etc. It is cut from a sheet of 3mm hardwood (fibreboard) and sanded at the edges to give a smooth curve.

For more Terrain ideas and to join in the fight against plain grey plastic scenery, see the TERRAIN posts. Thanks for reading.

26 Aug 2014

Grey Knights

Hi All,

I recently decided to add a small Grey Knight force to my ever growing Imperial Army, to go with my Ultramarines, Imperial Guard (and Imperial Knights.. see next post..)

After consulting with the codex, I opted to go for a small 5 man terminator squad, that could double up as Paladins, with Lord Draigo. Also within the force was a dreadknight.

I've never been a huge fan of the 'silver' grey knights, and following me listening to the 'Garro' audio books (normally whilst sat in traffic on the M3, M23 or the M1) I decided to go 'old school' and have a very plain Grey scheme. I used a grey primer on chaos black, then washed with nuln oil. The armour plates were then highlighted up with codex grey. Storm bolters were coloured red, with the force weapons painted using a blending technique to go from regal blue to skull white. This was the first time I've tried blending on power weapons- and I like the final results.

With Draigo I opted to alter the head position so that he is looking over his shield- which overall gives the impression that he is charging into combat- this is enforced with the angle of the 'Titansword' which was slightly warped (hmmm... finecast...)

The Dreadknight is armed with a Nemesis Greatsword and a Gatling Psilencer- mainly because I liked the look of the two weapons together! also having 12 shots is pretty good for a single model (especially with Siph's dice rolling)

To finish the army I have a Stormraven and a 5 man Inceptor squad to complete.

Thanks for looking

25 Aug 2014

Terrain and Scenery - Power Turbine Assembly

Hello Readers, here is my latest terrain idea, made from some cake packaging and some unused Aegis Defence Line bits, plus some other bitz. It can be anything, I've called it a Power Turbine Assembly, but mainly it's some cover, splash terrain and adds interest to the battlefield.
As always, I've mounted it on 3mm Hardboard (Fibre Board) and sanded the edges, added sand and painted using Calthan Brown, drybrushed Kommando Khaki and Bleached Bone.
I dented the packaging in my haste getting out the yummy Macarons, but this just adds interest and I've painted the damage. The main colour is a Red Primer car spray - ideal for industrial looking buildings.
The end pieces are also from the Aegis Defence line, but cut into half and mounted. And the turbine fan assembly on top was from a model jet.

Finally, the proof of the pudding (or cakes), another tray of the delicious morsels. It was buy-one-get-one-free! Thanks for dropping by, for more Terrain Ideas please check out the link HERE
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