25 Jul 2016

Adeptus Mechanicus Kastelan Robot Maniple w/ Heavy Phosphor Blasters

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in. Here is my latest addition to the Adeptus Mechanicus Cult Mechanicum forces, two more Kastelan Robots. The first pair of robots I have are armed with Power Fists, but this time I wanted some shooty robots, what the Mechanicum do well is Heavy Phosphor Blasters! Three Shots, S6, AP3, 36in and same again with Twin Linked.
I went of a darker scheme than the first two done by blogger buddy Mordian7th, but the blue power cables and tan sections will tie them in with the other pair. I don't like the heads that GW provides, they look too much like helmets with visors from Lost In Space.... "Danger Danger Robinson Family"... these heads are from Wargame Exclusive dot com.
I went for a pose with both of these, shooty in your face, both arms firing, and the pintle mount too. That's Heavy Phosphor Blasters and TL Heavy Phosphor Blasters, with the addition of -1 to Cover to other shots for the rest of the phase if something is hit and wounded - Phosphor lights them up nicely!
So nice, I did the same pose twice! 
On the base I used one of the face plates that I don't like, and shot two holes through it and added a Chaos Star... heretic scum Dark Mechanicus...
Here is one next to the original robots painted by blogger buddy Mordian7th.
And finally, a shot of the Robot Maniple with their Datasmith. Thanks for dropping by, cheers, Siph.

18 Jul 2016

Grey Knights Rifleman Contemptor - Mortis Pattern w/ Autocannons

Hello Readers, I recently picked up a pile of Grey Knights, some unpainted, some painted and some WIP from Jeff at Pirate Viking Painting. I had already randomly picked up Interrogator Chaplain Seraphicus from Jeff in the past so I knew he can be trusted and the standard of his work is of a great standard, so the bargain of the month was not to be sniffed at - I am a hobby butterfly and these will help me bounce between projects keeping me motivated. I had already painted a Psycannon armed Grey Knight for myself so these kinda cemented that foray into yet another Allied Force I could have some fun with...
Here is a shot of the WIP state I received the Contemptor in, not too bad a starting point eh?
So, to satisfy my hobby butterfly, I thought I'd see if I could do a decent job finishing off the Contemptor. The Terminators and Strike Team already done by Jeff will only require matching basing and my Psycannon Grey Knight only needed another Asurmen Blue wash to fit in nicely, so I am confident I can expand the force to look whole as I add units, I've always wanted a Dreadknight or two after facing them from Lord Halfpenny's side of the battlefield.
I toned down the blue glaze over the carapace by stippling on Runefang Steel, drybrushed the magazines Brass to break up the Leadbelcher area, did the head, kneepads, shoulder icons, exhausts and purity seals and based the same as all my armies and this was the result.
I added a tiny skull to the shoulder badge where there is raised detail and echoed this on the kneepad with a Black Skull and crenelated pattern too. 
The base was finished off with a wrecked Iron Warrior bike from my bits box, 6thDegree plays Iron Warriors so it fits right in. I will play this as a normal or Venerable Grey Knight Dreadnought as I cannot find Grey Knight Contemptor rules even though these I guess are Grey Knight FW Shoulders? ###EDIT### seen that these are FW etched brass icons on 'normal' Contemptor Dreadnought arms, sweet.

Cheers for dropping by, Siph.

15 Jul 2016

Relictors Battle Company Progress - Mordian7th chart style

Hi, I thought I'd have a little work related fun at lunchtime one work day and see if I could remember all my Relictors Forces and tote up what I have already bought and need to complete.... I know I get distracted by new hobby purchases and a long running joke is my lack of ability to finish off an actual Battle Company - I am precisely 2 Marines away from that goal!! One Veteran with Banner and one Company Champion for the WIP Command Squad... well Mordian7th is great at putting up To-Do Charts and sticking to them, me less so.

Anyway, there you go... a lot of Relictors as can be seen by the chart above and a Parade Ground photo from Feb this year, and some To-Do; and yet no actual Battle Company per se yet...

11 Jul 2016

Relictors Leviathan Dreadnought w/ Storm Cannons

Hello readers, thanks for dropping by, well I promised it would be something more shooty in my last post so here is my latest addition to the Relictors Battle Company, a mighty Leviathan Dreadnought armed with Storm Cannons.
I painted this beast the same scheme as my usual Relictors, Codex Grey, washed Nuln Oil, highlighted Administratum Grey. The base was Calthan Brown, drybrushed with both Kommando Khaki and Ushabti Bone.
I drybrushed the cannons, and to add some interest with gold recoil springs and Leadbelcher hydraulic cylinders. I wanted them to look industrial and heavily used.
The under mechanical bits were also Leadbelcher drybrushed and then I did the grey. The exhaust ports were weathered with a little Tin Bitz to look aged.
I can't wait to unleash the firepower of this Dreadnought, I opted to model the Missiles too. More dakka is always a welcome addition.
The longer term plan will be to get another Leviathan, but armed with a Siege Claw and Siege Drill for lots of close combat goodness, I might even get a Dreadnought Drop Pod so I can deliver him into the enemy lines.
And for all those who are interested in how big this beast is, a size comparison shot of the Dreadnought with its smaller gun happy brothers, a 'normal' Rifleman, and a Kheres Assault Cannon Relic Contemptor. This Leviathan is huge and bulky.
And finally, a shot with a Battle Brother, yep big...

4 Jul 2016

Relictors RTB01 Space Marines

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in, I picked up a squad of RTB01 from a well known auction site recently, for a bargain of about a quid each, so even cheaper in the States now Brexit happened! ;)  I already had a squad of my own from 1980's, but I thought I'd actually paint some up as Relictors to add to my ever growing (2nd) Battle Company - I mean 5th COY is almost complete, now I add units to the 4th COY....
The sculpts required quite a lot of clean up and mold-line removing, we just didn't care as much back in those days, this squad have some serious glue splodge issues too... the sculpt itself holds its own over time, nowhere near the level of posability or crisp details as the latest Tactical Squad, but I think these Classic marines look cool on 32mm bases.
I used the same colours and accents I usually do, brass magazines, red eyes, gloss Pauldrons, and based the same. I painted the powerpack vents metallic as they lack the detail of the new kits so looked better all metallic with a black dot on the underside rather than a grille.
Here is a size comparison shot of a modern Devastator, an RTB01 and the newest oldest LE2 Imperial Space Marine anniversary miniature.
As you can see against a normal MK7 Tactical Marine, the RTB01 is squatting a little and has thinner leg greaves, but overall I think these will blend into the Battle Company quite well. Just the other nine to paint up, I have had to add a FW Bolt Pistol to the squad Sergeant as an empty hand was lacking, plus a grenade holding hand on another marine as the poses were fairly limited if the left hand wasn't under the bolter casing, it was a closed empty fist.

Thanks for reading and I'll post some progress of something more shooty soon! Cheers, Siph.

27 Jun 2016

Forge World Warlord Titan Construction Build - WIP #16 - Basing

Hello dear Readers and titan fans, thanks for dropping in. I've been a little lax in progress of Dominus Victoria since finishing the construction build of the superstructure. But, I am a hobby butterfly and get distracted by new projects and old ones I haven't got around to finishing from before, the closet of doom has plenty of projects to take up when the fancy takes me.
Anyway, I bought a wooden shelf and traced the circles using the Apoc Blast Template, I will be matching the base to the bases of my Reaver and two Warhounds, so a circular design was the way forward.
I used my Jigsaw at a 45 degree angle, you can see the waste wood above. And below you can see I have given the legs their first basecoat, after a black primer, some Leadbelcher basecoat and next I will need to spray with some washes, a blend of Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil.
As you can see I gave the edges of the base a quick spray with Mournfang Brown to see what the effect would be, but I think I will need to seal the edges with some filler or modelling clay to give a smooth edge - I am open to suggestions please, whats best to seal the wood edges, at the moment I can see the grain.
A base is not really needed I would suggest, but it gives the massive amount of resin better stability and strength as the legs will be fixed to the base, forming a strong loop rather than legs like open forks. So, some little progress and a request for suggestions please. Cheers, Siph.

21 Jun 2016

Mechanicum - Cult Mechanicus Datasmith

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by and checking out WeeMen... no Relictors progress this week, but a little progress with something different, hobby butterfly continues to plague my projects...
I actually sprayed the cloak with a car spray to see the effect it would give, and I quite liked it, I added some highlights but generally this is what it sprayed like, some depth and shadow to it over the basecoat of Chaos Black.
I spent awhile matching the blue power orbs/cables etc to match my first Datasmith, painted by Mordian7th.
I spent some time on the face to make sure it looked decent. And a head green power cable to match the first Datasmith too. But this one has a little more dull metal and less Gold/Bronze to differentiate. 
And finally, a matching pair of Datasmiths, both similar but slightly different schemes, not bad attempt to match the excellent Mordian7th's handiwork, continuing to make the Ad Mech forces my own. Cheers for dropping in, some progress on the Kastellan Robots for this Datasmith soon - I think triple Heavy Phospher Blasters for the next two...

13 Jun 2016

Relictors Space Marine Land Raider - Terminus Ultra Pattern

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by to have a look at my latest addition to the Relictors Battle Company arsenal, a Terminus Ultra Pattern Land Raider - this is a beast of a tank and in these days of Imperial Knights and 40K scale Titans, this tank was originally designed as over the top Apocalypse tank, but now would fit in nicely. 
I love this front view, yes count them, 3x TL Lascannons and 2x Sponson Lascannons - why is it not the same as the GW out of the box, well, the truth is that design sucks! The rear TL Sponson guns cannot fire forward because the single Lascannons are in the way! So, I polled what I should do back in 2011... yes this has taken awhile to be completed!! The poll was found here with suggestions of how I should mount the guns. The results, here, said mount as Triple Sponsons, which was my favourite option too.
Lord Halfpenny got around to doing his Terminus Ultra "Invictus" with Predator Turrets on top, seen here. I got as far as a WIP, here, in Oct last year before it went back into the closet of doom - but finally its completed!
I have used the Forge World Extra Armour upgrade to make it look more meaty and fit for task as a Titan Slayer, I also added extra bits from Rhino Razorback top plates to show extra ventilation grilles needed to cool the Lascannon capacitors inside, I reversed a side door to show more ventilation grilles and added a jet engine fan assembly on top similar to the fans on a Vindicator top plate, but bigger!
Here you can see the door ventilation grill, similar to what Lord Halfpenny did for his Terminus Ultra.
I also added a Command Frame SM sensor package to denote the extra sensors this tank would require for targeting so many Lascannons together, and of course, the sharp eyed among you have noticed riding in the cupola a certain Sergeant Chronus for a lovely boost to Ballistic Skill!
Here you can see the trimmed down plates from a Rhino, I think it makes the tank look different enough from a 'normal' Godhammer Pattern, the Extra Armour helps too! I also put some spikes around the vent on top as a nod to the dubious practices of the Relictors dabbling in Chaos to fight Chaos, and some Razorback front spikes on the front of the tank to indicate that this tank does not use its Assault Ramp, as it does not have any transport capacity because the internals are full of those Lascannon capacitors!
I painted it exactly as I did all my other Relictors tanks, using the accent colour of Bleached Bone (Ushabti Bone) to put emphasis on the number of Lascannon barrels this thing has ;)  The main colour is Codex Grey (and Army Painter Uniform Grey) and washed with Nuln Oil and highlighted Administratum Grey. The golds are Gehennas Gold, washed with Agrax Earthshade and highlighted Auric Armour Gold and Runefang Steel. The weathering is a little Calthan Brown (Mournfang Brown).
Here is a close up of Sergeant Chronus, the spear of Macragge, lent to the Relictors... I love his helmet, so Ipainted his Gaunlets to match the heavy-metal vibe the helmet portrays. Behind him you can see the Command Frame Sensor package.
How did I convert the Lascannons, well using a spare set of Razorback Lascannons, I trimmed them at just behind the barrel length and affixed to the Land Raider sponson assembly as the pictures show.

Right, this beast should make short work of an Imperial Knight over the length of the Battlefield, hopefully...BS5 and TL, hitting on 2's and re-rolling 3x Lascannons... lets hope those pesky Ion Shields don't save them all!

Thanks for dropping by, cheers all, Siph.
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