20 Apr 2018

Reaver Titan WIP 24 - 'its Alive' (Promised big reveal..)

Hi One and all,

So, I promised a big reveal, so here it is, the Reaver standing in all its glory, the Reaver still has a load of details to finish, and to have purity seals and decals added to complete, however it is, in essence 'table ready'

 Other arm options include the titan fist, the gattling blaster and for the carapace, the apoc launcer and a plasma blastgun...

Now the bigger reveal, as you have seen my knights all have LED lights, so I couldn't possibly not do the same for the Reaver.. ' lights please'
 I've managed to install 4 white 3mm LED's in the 4 'eye sockets' with the cabling wired through into the torso. The wires are fed around the Princept, the thus the cockpit looks a little more 'snug'!I will post a 'how did  i do it' post for the lights- its not that easy!
Hope you all like how the project is coming along.

Cheers LH

18 Apr 2018

Necron Dynasty - MOAR Immortals with Gauss Blasters #3

Hi Readers, thanks for dropping in. I am continuing to build my Necron Forces, with a new Codex in hand I am keen to hit the Necron to-do pile and increase my options to field some forces.  Following on from the other 10 I've completed the last few weeks, these are the final Gauss Blaster armed Immortals, I do have 5 more from the Forgebane Boxset but I think 15 is enough, so I may arm them as Tesla Immortals so I have a big squad of 10 of them as 5 doesn't seem to cut it.
Again, I followed the same as the previous squad, Gauss red energy blades and the gold forehead to mark them out as more elite warriors over the plain Necron Warriors. The blue is Kantor Blue highlighted Temple Guard Blue. The bases were made 32mm using TTAdapters from 25mm bases and painted in my usual recipe of Mournfang Brown, Karak Stone and Ushabti Bone
A rear shot... ouch ;)
And a shot of the whole lot of Gauss Blaster armed Immortals, the kitbashed back row fit in nicely with the ten original ones. Nice to have some massed Gauss Blaster options now. Happy with these, now off to maybe build that Canoptek Cloak Cryptek and some Lychguard...

Cheers for dropping in, thanks, Siph.

16 Apr 2018

Necron Dynasty - Immortals with Gauss Blasters #2

Hi All, thanks for dropping in. Following on from last week's Kitbashed with Spares Immortals I continued with the progress I was making and thought I'd carry on and do the rest of them I have awaiting completion.  The new Codex keeps these as troop choices, so all the better.
I followed the same as the previous squad, Gauss red energy blades and these ones are the standard kit so have cables. and the gold forehead to mark them out as more elite warriors over the plain Necron Warriors.
The bases were made 32mm using TTAdapters from 25mm bases and painted in my usual recipe of Mournfang Brown, Karak Stone and Ushabti Bone.

Five more are on the painting desk, strike whilst the iron is hot... Cheers, Siph. (5 painting points)

13 Apr 2018

Reaver Titan - WIP #23 - Weapons

Hi everyone! thanks for popping by!

Slow progress with the Reaver, I've taken to getting the weapons painted up.

The titan power fist, I've opted to go for the classic black and white stripped look, using the same metallic black and white as I've used for the rest of the titan. I need to gold edge the armour and then details the fingers.
The plasma blastgun I've again used the same colours, this time white for the plasma gun tip, and black for the rear armour. I will review the plasma weapon on the reaver to see if the plasma coil would look best in either blue or green.
The Apoc missile launcher has again had the white/black scheme. I think the missiles will be painted a bright colour to contrast with the armour. Again the edges need to be completed.
thanks for looking! I've got a feeling next week could be an interesting one.. LH

9 Apr 2018

Necron Dynasty - Immortals with Gauss Blasters #1 - Kitbashed Version

Hi Readers, thanks for dropping in. With the new Necron Codex out, my hobby butterfly is hovering over my Necron to-do projects. These are a long standing to-do pile job I've finally tackled, seen HERE in 2014, they were the leftovers from the Necron Immortals with Tesla Carbines, kit bashed with some Warrior bits and the spare Gauss Blasters which were left spare.
I may in the future add some guitar wire to echo the power cables of the traditional Immortal, however these might be lighter equipped assault versions of Necron Immortals? Who is to know...
Size wise, these are on 32mm bases like my other Immortals and here seen next to my next squad currently in progress, because 5 Gauss Immortals is not nearly enough - The added shoulder pads and the Gauss Blaster marks him different enough to be an Immortal and not to be confused with a Warrior. All my Warriors are on 25mm bases as that's what they came with, and any new ones will have to match the 45 I already have.
Simple enough to try if you have spares lying about...

Another Unit done and off the to-do pile, not doing too badly this year, plenty of minis getting finished and freeing up space on the painting table to start another project... Thanks for dropping in, Cheers, Siph. (5 painting points)

6 Apr 2018

Reaver Titan WIP Update - #22 Legs completed

Hi one and all,

Just a quick update post with my Reaver Titan, I've now completed the legs, and have added the armour plates, toes and pistons to the model. Pleased to say they all when well with this stage. I had put off this part of the build, due to having to cut the pistons to size, and was still toying with options for a base, thus the toes would be slightly positioned differently. I opted to go without the base, so toes glued into position!
The armour plates have had washes and highlights added to them, the toes will need a final gold trim around the base. Also to complete is the knee pistons and housing. These will be done as I complete the upper leg section.
Next part for the build will be the head and torso - hopefully there will be a big post next week..
Cheers! LH

2 Apr 2018

Necron Dynasty - Canoptek Wraiths Squad

Hello All, thanks for having a look-see, here is the latest addition to my Necron Dynasty now the new Codex is about - a squad of Canoptek Wraiths. I may have missed the OP boat with these in 7th, Whip Coils were king reducing the enemy to Initiative 1, now Whip Coils are just an extra Combat Round before removing the model.
I painted the usual metallic parts and red gauss, but after the Tomb Stalker I did with a sheer metallic shell, I thought I'd mix it up with the carapace colours just like my other Canoptek constructs, the Canoptek Scarabs.
The many many gauss energy points were a tax but I think the outcome looks great. I've also put a 2 pence piece in the underside of the base to make them more stable.
That's all for now, enjoying getting some of these long overdue minis off the to-do pile. Thanks for dropping in, cheers Siph. (6pts for these three)

29 Mar 2018

Questor Imperialis - Armiger Warglaive - WIP

Hi one and All,

thanks for stopping by!

The moment Forgebane was up for pre-order I knew I had to order copies, and lucky for me my box of goodies arrived on Saturday morning! straight into action I built one of the knights to see how I could get LED's in like all my previous knights. Currently my knight order numbers 11 built, with another few to be built including the other Armiger knights. I am planning on doing a post showing them once all are finished with transfers.
The kit was really easy to build, and straightforward. I have, like my other plastic knights added a little plastic between the legs and torso to allow the torso to rotate. I've also not glued the arms into a fixed position.

The tricky part was getting the light fixtures in- this is the smallest cavity to work in with all the knights. I've used 2 1mm red LED's, fixed in with a wire connector which I've cut into 2 pieces. this connects to a single CR2032 battery holder with a switch. 1mm holes were drilled into the head sections, then into the body of the knight to allow access for the wires. Then the lights were positioned and taped into the head with strong tape, and then the head glued together.
The model is painted like my other knights, with metallic red over a silver skeleton - with yellow added to the front shoulder pauldrons. Here I will add knight markings. For my knight force, Red denotes a 'knight', green armour for a Baron, and then a different colour for the Lord.
Overall I'm happy with the look of the knight, and he looks perfectly at home with a selection of the knights I have so far!

Thanks for looking! LH

28 Mar 2018

Chaos Daemons - Fiend of Slannesh - by Nick at The Burning Eye

Hi Readers, thanks for dropping in for a quick look-see.  The final commission piece I gave to Nick at The Burning Eye. Following on from the Seekers of Slannesh, this Fiend of Slannesh has the same hair and skin colours as those, very Slanneshi.
This was a finecast model and Nick did a good job putting it together and matching my basing colours too. Great job and a sizeable Daemon army I have now.
I added tiny flock patches to match my existing armies and painted the nipples, otherwise all Nick's work. Great stuff.
If you need a decent reliable and competent Commission artist in the UK and fair rates too, feel free to check out Nick's blog and ask him for a quote. I was very pleased with the service he provided and he's a good blogger buddy and decent bloke I'd vouch for.

Cheers, Siph.

26 Mar 2018

Necron Dynasty - Immortals with Tesla Carbines - re-based

Hi All, my latest offering to Our Liege Duncan, ahead of the Codex dropping I tackled a few re-based Immortals armed with the shot multiplying Tesla Carbines.  The Immortals I bought, and the Warriors all came with 25mm round bases, but now the Necron range has moved across to 32mm bases as all those Warriors have their legs spread.
I will not be re-basing the Warriors, they are the lowly footsloggers, but the Immortals have been upgraded to 32mm befitting their status. Not sure if SM Scouts have been re-based either, but I will keep my Scouts on 25mm whilst re-base the Marine counterparts on to new 32mm bases - a job ongoing...
So these had a few tidy ups, a 'squad leader' had a transfer applied to his shoulder, no in game effect, but nice, and added the 32mm ring adapters by TTAdapters, smoothed the join with liquid greenstuff, applied basing material on the top and drybrushed to match and blend in, then a few spots of the flock foilage for colour and to break up any obvious ring look.

That's all folks, cheers for dropping by. Cheers, Siph. (only 1 painting point for this Squad - re-basing and tidying counts for little).
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