12 Nov 2018

Legio Astorum Reaver Titan Volcano Cannon - Up-gunned

Hi Titan Enginseers, thanks for dropping by. I had completed Part 1 of up-gunning Reaver 'Honorum' in preparation for Titan Vs Titan clashes at Titan Owners Club Walks... where all the registered Titan Owners get together for some 40K scale Adeptus Titanicus battles! The last big-TOC UK one can be found HERE. And the latest Walk found HERE, the mini-TOC Walk, this time from the TOC Facebook Group was held in Tamworth nr Birmingham UK on 13th Oct.
The Reaver Volcano Cannon lacks some of the detail of the Warlord Belicosa Volcano Cannon, however there is a lot of hidden detail like the capacitor coils at the rear and the dials hidden under the armour.
I added two crossed-axes Kill Markings on the carapace from Honorum's exploits at the TOC Walk UK. On the Volcano Cannon you can see the star map insignia common with Legio Astorum and individual weapon kill markings for smaller but significant kills, the odd superheavy, xenos inferior Titan... at the TOC(FB) Walk Honorum killed a Reaver and Warhound!
I originally had just the Gatling Blaster for the left arm...
... and the magnetised Titan Powerfist, purely for aesthetics really, I love the look.
And in preparation for the Titan Vs Titan matches, now a Volcano Cannon and the WIP Twin Laser Destructors on the Carapace. The Apocalypse Missile Launcher is great for large 40K battles, but is a bit 'meh' when your foe is a Warlord! The Twin Laser Destructors put out a lot of hurt at S16 to rival the Walord T16, making to-wound rolls easier.
Some WIP shots of the detailed end, then mostly hiddenby the gun shield - dials and gauges, and a random keypad and screen for a Tech Adept no doubt.
I added some gold banding for interest and some heat staining at the business end. 
Here you can see the heat stained barrel, just simply washes of Nuln Oil - Asurman Blue - Druchi Violet - Seraphim Sepia
The kit does not come with spare hoses like the previous gun arms, so the gaps were filled with bits - the rear leadblecher covers.
Not forgetting the laser rangefinder/targeter as detailed in the latest Adeptus Titanicus artwork.

So, Titan progress, not the Warlord, but good to get Reaver Honorum up-gunned to better face the might of Lynden P's Traitor Maniples :)

Thanks for dropping in, Cheers, Siph. (10 Painting Points for additional Titan sized weapon options)

9 Nov 2018

Abaddon the Despoiler WIP 2

Hi One and All,

So I've done some further work on my Abaddon model, using the FW Horus model as the base.

 I've used key parts from the Abaddon model, and cut them away from the old resin model and added these to the Horus model. Previously I had tried to model the pipe work, however I wasn't happy with it (see Link below)


So, I've had a few goes using the Green Stuff roller, and here are the results.. I'm happy with the size and the look of the model, the next process is to model the eye from Abaddon's should pauldron, under the wolf cloak. I will then start the process of painting him up.. hopefully before the new model drops..

Cheers LH

6 Nov 2018

Happy Blogger Birthday WeeMen - 10 years today - Thanks Lovely Readers

Well, an arbitary milestone :) Thank-you lovely readers for giving us the inspiration and inclination to keep posting about our hobby related musings. I originally created this Blog to share with my bestie the hobby stuff I was up to, and his hobby stuff shared with me. Now, the goal remains pretty similar, we recognise the efforts all Bloggers put in, the sense of community with other Blogger Buddies and a nice, easily found archive of our hobby exploits the insta-gratifying Social Media platforms fail to provide (imho).
In a time when Blogs all over report a loss of readership, we are happy with our lot - anyone beside ourselves reading is still a wonderful bonus!
From humble beginings we grow and remain, doing our own thing, Advertisement free, and hopefully we've inspired a few hobbyists along the way. Thank you GW, FW and BL. And the readers of this humble corner of the Blogosphere...

Thank you all.

Here's to another ten years (if Blogger stays alive...) and we'll keep reading and commenting on fellow blogs we visit and feel free to check out the great blogs in the Sidebar, we know it takes time and effort to produce decent posts and some of you put in tons of effort, more than us!  >>>>

It's customary (perhaps) to do a free giveaway here on WeeMen at an completely non-important arbitary milestone, so, whilst their might be nothing for this one we are nearly at 1 Million pageviews, we'll do a giveaway then :) I just have to secure a nice gift for the lucky reader/charity raffle winner - the previous one at 500,000 hits was only 2yrs ago.

Cheers, Siph, Lord Halfpenny and the elusive (but hopefully coming back soon with Titans) 6thDegree!

5 Nov 2018

Mechanicum Vorax Battle-Automata for Blogger Buddy Zzzzzz

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. Possibly my favourite Mechanicum unit design, and very insectoid in appearance, the Vorax Battle-Automata are "hunter-killer robots with a design that harks back to the Dark Age of Technology. Created on pre-Imperial Mars to fulfil the roles both of a search and destroy weapon and an exterminator of rogue machines and mutant vermin, their Cybernetica cortex engrams are known to be particularly predatory and vicious examples of their kind", according to the fine folks at Forge World.
I painted these for my blogger buddy Zzzzzz over at Devos IV blog as a favour or exchange for his Custodes models he gave to me for free. To match his Legio Astorum Titan Maniple and the urban wasteland of Devos IV I painted these in the familiar Blues and Golds which look good against the bleak greys of the urban wasteland. A nice departure from my brown bases and I enjoyed painting these gribblies, a bit fiddly at times, only one ammo feed belt was a goner - but repaired and overall I enjoyed getting these done and packed off to the Warp...
This is the Maniple drone leader, armed with the usual Rotor Cannons and Power Blades they all have but this one denoted by the yellow head flash is armed with an Irad Cleanser carapace weapon.
I added heat staining to the Rotor Cannon barrels and a slight blue wash to the Power Blades.
This one has one foot in the air, so the second Rotor Cannon is placed in contact with the ground to provide another point of contact.
The next gribbly is armed with the standard loadout of a Lightning Gun carapace weapon. Plus the Rotor Cannons and Power Blades. I chose to gloss the black eyes to reflect the insectoid look emulating a compound eye.
The urban wasteland bases were simply Dawnstone, washed Nuln Oil and Agrax, drybrushed Dawnstone and then Admisistratum Grey, picking out a few bits of sprue as bricks. Tufts were from Gamers Grass.
Each has a unique decal identifying its designation, on the other side of the carapace an Eclipsed Sun of the Legio Astorum.
The final member is possibly my favourite stance, it looks like the other two have rounded on the prey and this one is braced to carry out the attack. The chin sensor was painted with the Stormhost Silver and Soulstone Blue to give a energy glow.
And finally, an action shot in front of the Shrine of the Aquila, reminiscent of my original three painted by blogger buddy Mordian7th seen HERE.
Cheers everyone, and must get around to painting up my Custodes now that these robots are on the way to Devos IV! Thanks for having a look-see and keep painting! Cheers, Siph. (15 painting points - 3x Dreadnought sized)

2 Nov 2018

Happy Birthday to me..

Happy Birthday to me, 
happy birthday to me
I bought myself a titan..

Happy Birthday to me...

Warhound 5599 ready to build...

29 Oct 2018

DreadTober 2016-18 Relictors SM Dreadnoughts

Welcome DreadTober-teers and All, thanks for dropping by. As I finished this year's pledge a week early I have been getting on with some of the other to-do pile (mountain) tasks. To give something to post this week, I thought a nice themed DreadTober post with all my entries is suitable - with the encouragement of the participants and a pseudo deadline to focus my Hobby Butterfly, thanks to DreadTober hobby event I am the proud owner of three more finished Dreadnoughts for my Relictors Space Marine army! Cheers!
DreadTober will hopefully be back next year so save the address in your sidebars in preparation for next year's event, link in the DreadTober picture in sidebar here >>>>>
My first DreadTober event was 2016, and the release of the plastic static looking Contemptor was ripe for a make over and leg operation, I achieved a much better fluid pose I think by a small adjustment to the hip joint.
For 2017 I had an 'Eddy' Deredeo from Forge World in the to-do pile and some SM Casualties, so a nice themed piece which I am really pleased with was achieved. "To get to him, you have to go through ME!"
And finally, this year's efforts, a MkIV Ironclad for my Relictors 4th Company, as my 5th Company already have an Ironclad already. Another win, a FW kit out of the to-do pile and on to the table, now OOP too, so it's about time it was finished!

Thank-you to Todd (Sincain40K) and Joel (Mordian7th), so a massive thanks to those two chaps for keeping the hobby event alive for another year! And thanks to the founder Greggles, and Joe B for his contributions too over the time I've been participating. BIG THANKS to the participants and commentors here driving me on to finish these minor goals, and here is to next year!

Cheers, Siph.

26 Oct 2018

Legio Crucius Walk - Forge World and Armorcast Assemble

Hi One and All,

I thought it would be a good opportunity to post a quick updated with my Titan Maniple, an assembly of the Legio.

As you might have seen I've recently completed my Reaver titan, and am now getting towards completion of my recent Warhound. I thought it could be a good opportunity to show the 2 with my original Reaver, an Armorcast Reaver.
The original Armorcast Reaver is slightly smaller than the FW Reaver, and looks very similar height to that of the Warhound. The details are not as good as the FW models.
I still like the look of the original armorcast Reaver, harking back to the Epic model, however I do think any future titans would be from FW and not 3rd party versions due to the height and detail, I do like having a variations of the titan class.
Cheers LH

22 Oct 2018

DreadTober 2018 - Relictors MKIV Ironclad Dreadnought - Complete

Hello All, and fellow DreadTober-teers, thanks for dropping in. I finished this year's pledge a week early, even with a Titan battle distraction, once back from that I concentrated on this and got it finished.
Check out the picture DreadTober link at the top in the Sidebar to see the latest progress of the other participants, every year I find it a great inspiration and everyone's progress spurs me on, cheers everyone! >>>>>>
I painted the Seismic Hammer pistons shiny and chrome to indicate the moving parts whilst I envisage the head being made from Auramite like Custodes armour, harder than Ceramite and Plasteel, and the Aquila shape meant gold was a good colour.
The stand out here is the two optional Hunter Killer missiles, unlike the GW plastic kit, these are not in launch tubes atop the sarcophagus so next to his Brother Ironclad he lacks stature. But the Flak Launchers are on top so give him height above normal Dreadnoughts.
I am pleased with the Power Claw, a simple blend and Nuln Oil wash towards the rear gives great graduation. I also attached the plastic heavy flamer where the Storm Bolter was as when I first took the kit out of the bag, the two Heavy Flamer nozzles got caught in the folds so I didn't see them! Doh... never mind, its a cool addition. This Dreadnought is for the 4th Company, hence the '4' on a green field, 4th Co. colours in the Codex Astartes.
The base was my usual Mournfang Brown, Karak Stone drybrush and Ushabti Bone light drybrush with dyed flock patches and some GW Middenheim Tufts.
Finally, a comparison shot with his Brother Ironclad of the 5th Co. who has a larger physical presence, but lacks the high tech curves and elaborate armaments of the more compact MKIV class. I like both, equally sturdy and powerful.

For the final week of DreadTober I will just post a nice thematic picture of all three of the last year's DreadTober efforts, my plastic Contemptor, Deredeo and Ironclad - that will round off this year's efforts nicely.

Cheers everyone, and thanks for checking this blog out, Siph. (5 painting points for Dreadnought)

19 Oct 2018

Battle Photos - Titan Owners Club (FB) Walk UK - Tamworth (Picture Heavy)

Hi One and All,

Last weekend both Siph and I joined fellow Titan owners for the second Titan Walk of 2018, this time at Tamworth near Birmingham. This was a true 'floorhammer' battle, with plenty of terrain to block LOS.

My battle force included my Legio Crucius Reaver and Warhound, as well as 18 knights which had to supplement the depleted ranks of the Traitors to balance the forces. Unfortunately due to another commitment I had to disappear after 1700, so missed the final turn of the battle where Siph reported that the Loyalists started the fight back..

Here are pictures of the event, the day started with all the God Engines lined up... Siph calculated approximately £21,000 worth of resin and plastic krak...
Simple tweaks to 8th rules, adding distance to all movement and Macro Damage only on natural sixes.

The following are photos during the Battle itself:
Legio Fureans Void Shields seem impossible to collapse... five sixes one after the other... the Tempestus Princep Majoris was not happy...
Player Calgar looks forlorn as his Warlord is reduced to 2wounds... ;)
Too many Warlord fists - the dual fist Warlord with hindsight was not the best choice in a field of TurboLasers and Belicosa Cannons...
The mainstay of the Traitor forces, the Maniples of Legio Mortis and Legio Fureans
The hordes of Imperial Knights close for an epic melee...
Legio Crucius hold the Traitor flank with the horde of Imperial Knights
Final Tally Traitor Win 158VPs to 136VPs.

A really enjoyable day battling, the Reaver gained another 'Engine Kill' taking out a Warhound, however the new Warhound was pretty poor with shooting, and any hits were all saved with the Void Shields of the Tempestus Engines.

Cheers, LH
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