18 Jun 2018

Questor Imperialis - Adeptus Custodes Indentured Knight - Freeblade

Hi Readers, thanks for dropping in. Check out my latest addition to my Questor Imperialis forces, a departure from the intended Legio Astorum Consorts, but when I saw these parts over at Tale of Painters Blog, I ordered them from Shapeways and set about creating an Indentured Imperial Knight of the Adeptus Custodes.
I love the talon fingers of the Thunderstrike Gauntlet so had to have him armed as such, reminiscent of the Emperor's gloved Power Fist. The pose had this front and centre, the raised Thermal Cannon follows this direction with the Stubber and Head looking to the left.
The heraldry was simple, keep it white, stylised eagle and thunderbolts - the banner has a nod to the Adeptus Mechanicus with the cog, but a wing in the centre. I used a smaller winged sword from a SM transfer for Ravenwing to echo the main heraldic shield, from the Baneblade transfer sheet.
I love the Fan-Plate hamstring protectors on the knee joint and the Custodian styled Greaves. I chose to keep the base fairly plain to not detract from this one-off Knight.
I painted smaller armoured plates on the main body gold, to link in with the main armoured panels, and the toes too. This Shoulder Pauldron has scrollwork on it, the other plain.
The Thunderstrike Gauntlet has kill markings, as does the shield of the Thermal Cannon, both red lined with gold to continue the pattern of the Shoulder Pauldrons. This one bearing the Aquila made from two halves of the Aquila on the Imperial Knight sheet, and painted to look like a whole Aquila - thunderbolts added fromthe Baneblade transfers.
Close up of the 3-D printed talons, the rough texture on this side ensures a smooth bladed edge on the reverse, and is kind of fitting antique looking.
An upward looking shot, showing the Groin armour and the original chest piece scrollwork honouring his new allies. The top of the hips also has Tassets, overall 15 piece kit from Shapeways compatible with the plastic Imperial Knight kit. Pricey, but a unique looking Imperial Knight.

I intend to run him as a Freeblade, with suitable traits of unshakeable loyalty or faith or whatever the Codex yeilds and maybe the Thunderstrike Gauntlet Relic.

Thanks for checking this out, cheers, Siph. (20 painting points)

15 Jun 2018

Chaos Daemons - Khorne 40k Additions

Hi One and All,

A quick post on some additional completed daemons for my daemon army, this time of a Khorne flavour!

Samus, Daemon Primarch of the Ruinstorm

I opted to paint Samus with a beast look, with his skin brown rather than the normal 'red' appearance. The model was also built up on a base to change the overall look of the pose. The armour was painted with the same metallic style as the Brass Scorpion and Kytan, and then the model had several coats of Blood for the Blood God over his body. The dead marine was painted in the style of a Dark Angel, I plan to add addition helmets to the model as he kills models in battle as trophies.

This model I've had for ages, and have done before as Skulltaker on a Juggernaut, however 8th Edn has seen an end to that with GW not issuing rules for it now. I've used the same scheme as before with the flame sword to match my other Bloodletters. 
Uraka, The Warfiend

Again, this model has been sat on my 'to do pile' for ages, and finally had time to complete the model. This was painted over a black undercoat, with the skin painted red like my Bloodthirsters. I've tried to paint the model so that it fits with my Khorne units, however it stands out, the horns were painted black, different to the brown/cream horns I've done previously.
Again, I've saved space to add additional helmets/skulls for major kills in game.

Skull Cannon

This Skull Cannon was painted in 2 stages, the cannon and the Bloodletters. The cannon was drybrushed grey, then silver over a black undercoat. The Bloodletters completed as per my other Bloodletters.
The new units on the battle board
Thanks for looking!


35 points to the annual painting total!
  • 10 for Samus, Daemon Primarch of the Ruinstorm
  • 10 for Skulltaker
  • 10 for Ukara, The Warfiend
  • 5 for Skull Cannon

11 Jun 2018

Legio Astorum Forge World Warlord Titan Build #17 - Re-Base

Hi All. Thanks. Continuing my slow progress with the Warlord, I have had the wooden base in the WeeMan room for nigh on two years and for some reason I never quite liked it... so I changed it.
The newer base still provides stability, and the characteristic circular shape my other Titans have, but now the footprint is smaller as the Titan pose is fairly stable anyway, this will stiffen up the two legs, the base providing the third side of a triangle, thus making the pose strong and stable.
It is also a lot thinner, 6mm MDF rather than wood which would require a lot of filler to make smooth edges. This is more in line with the other Titans too.
Here is Dominus Victoria's bare legs... nice and stable, I've saved room by offsetting the centre of the foot to be away from the centre of each circle, but still leaving a larger surface area than the feet alone giving extra stability.
And the edge is nice and smooth, ready for priming and sand and PVA sealing before painting my characteristic Calthan Brown (Mournfang Brown) basing.
As a comparison, here is Canis Bellum's base, nice and thin and circular. I think the smoothed out indentation on the Warlord will improve the structure of the base, no weak point at the point where the two circles join - Rich Gray used something akin to laminate on these bases, so stronger than 6mm MDF, hence the change.

Thanks for checking out my progress, any nods of encouragement are greatly received, my hobby butterfly gets distracted easily! Cheers, Siph.

8 Jun 2018

Chaos Daemons - Slaanesh 40k Additions

Hi One and All,

Another week, another post. This week I'm posting my completed Slaanesh units, 3 squads of 10 daemonettes, 5 Seekers of Slaanesh and 3 fiends.


The 30 Daemonettes were all repainted- having purchased these from that well known auction site. I started by using a base coat of Zandri Dust, and then painted the silver detail with Runefang. The hair was picked out with an old pot of Warlock purple. The entire model was then washed with druchii violet, a simple but effect scheme. The banner was painted with a base of purple, and the slaanesh symbol painted with a light blue to stand out.


These 3 again were purchased off 'that site'. To finish these I completed the bases as per the other units. 
These 5 models and steads were painted the same as the Daemonettes, again happy with the look of these - looking different to the 'normal' but very Slaanesh still..

Here are a few pictures of the new units on the battle board,

The daemon force is slowly coming together, thanks for looking!
Cheers, Lord Halfpenny

41 points to the annual painting total!
  • 30 for 30 daemonettes
  • 1 for 3 Fiends (re-based)
  • 10 for Seekers (Terminator Sized)

4 Jun 2018

Warhammer World Battle - Relictors SM Vs Daemons 5600pts

Hello Readers, a couple of weeks ago Lord Halfpenny and I travelled up to WarhammerFest and Warhammer World making a weekend of it. It's our annual pilgrimage to the home of our beloved hobby. Unfortunately, my Laptop went completely blank and everything was lost with the exception of what I could recover using some recovery programmes... I won't mull over not having backed up my photos... but needless to say the blog is now the only place I have photos of my Minis or Batreps. Doh. This battle however survived :)
Here is the Relictors Force defending this key bridge from the hordes of Chaos - backed up with Canis Bellum of the Legio Astorum. 5000 pts of Relictors and 1600 pts of Titan. The objectives were placed along both sides of the River, one in each deployment zone and a 3pt one on the centre of the bridge - the main objective - have a Relictors model at turn 5 to blow the explosives on the bridge!
Arrayed against them were the rampaging hordes of Chaos heading towards the Hive City Majoris. - The only hope, cut off the main route across the bridge by blowing the explosive charges to slow the advance and give the PDF time to mount a proper defence. 6500 pts of Daemons led by a Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne and An'ggrath the Greater Daemon Bloodthirster.
The Daemons lined the opposite bank, ready to jump across the river or pour over the bridge into the Relictor fire. An'ggrath leading the charge - he might be the Warlord but also the toughest Daemon on the field.
Relictors Battle Round 1
Arrayed against the Daemons was the finest humanity could offer, misunderstood by the Imperium, hunted by the Inquisition and being assessed by the attached Grey Knights - sentencing would have to wait until the Great Enemy was pushed back.
Canis Bellum concentrated fire on both the largest and powerful threats, the Vulcan Mega Bolter poured fire at the Bloodthrister An'ggrath trying to find a chink in his Daemon Armour, and the Plasma Blastgun at the Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne stripping 12 wounds.
The Relictors arsenal concentrated most of the Lascannon fire from the Spartan, Land Raider, Xiphon, and the GK Dreadnought at An'ggrath - stripping him of all but the last wound, that glory went to Titan Canis Bellum - killing the Daemon Warlord who exploded in rage wounding Fateweaver and the Scorpion in his death throes.
The Bloodthirster on the flank was wounded by concentrated Thunderfire, killing a Plague Toad.
A Flamer Chariot of Tz was taken down by Thunderfire and Whirlwind indirect fire on the other flank. The sting of the Daemons was certainly blunted, but the Scorpion was now poised to charge over the bridge.
Daemons Battle Round 1
The Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne scuttled over the bridge guns blazing at the nearby Achilles Land Raider destroying the relic vehicle (the first battle it's ever fallen) and slamming into the Tactical Squad holding the bridge end - wiping out 9 of the squad with the Lascannon marine fighting back, but eventually running from the battlefield.
The Screamers of Tz surge forward to take on the Scouts entrenched on the Aquila Fortification but the Flamer Chariot of Tz robbed them of their prize, wiping out the Scouts. Elsewhere, Fateweaver used his mastery of the magjicks Smiting the GK Dreadnought from 36in away taking 3 mortal wounds. The Skullcannon of Khorne and Soulgrinder wiped out the GK Strike Squad holding the bridge, now the bridge was in the Daemon hands.
The Bloodthirster on the flank enraged by the earlier wounding, charged the StormTalon with the intention of tearing the machine from the sky, however the Techmarine pilot Ace quickly manoeuvred the aircraft avoiding the worst of the attack, taking just 3 wounds. The Plague Toads leaped (hopped) at the aircraft but failed to get past the armour.
State of Play after Turn 1, the bridge was in Daemon hands, only the Relictors stood in the way of the Daemon advance towards the Hive City Majoris. The Daemons also had Nurglings popping up in the rear of the Relictor lines...
Relictor Battle Round 2
The central RTB01 Tactical Squad turned to face the Nurglings in the rear, but the disgustingly resilient Nurglings shrugged off most of the firepower, only taking down one base.
In an attempt to regain the advantage, the Grey Knight Terminators and Relictor Terminator Librarian deepstruck onto the bridge in a Gandolf "YOU shall not pass!" style... now they need to thin the advancing hordes, leaving the Scorpion to the rest of the Relictors forces.
The Scouts, StormTalon and Tactical Squad and Smite from the nearby Librarian and Stalker Icarus Stormcannons wounded the Bloodthirster with the Godhammer Land Raider slaying the beast. 
The Assault Squad prepares to charge.
The Xiphon Interceptor struck at a Flamer Chariot killing it. The Assault Troops with Chaplain charged the Daemon Prince, a fallen disgrace of the Relictors - wiping out the stain on their honour!
The Screamers were shot up by the massed Grav Cannon Devastators and Whirlwinds decimating their ranks. Only one Flamer Chariot was left on this flank.
The Titan buoyed by the first turn shooting struck out at the Brass Scorpion but this time the shots bounced off.  The Lascannons of the Spartan spoke and destroyed the Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne! The daemon machine got the revenge in the explosion taking six wounds off the GK Rifleman Dreadnought and one off the Dreadnought, killed two Tactical Marines, a GK Terminator  and two wounds off the Librarian on the bridge.

The GK Rifleman and the Predator Annihilator shot the Lord of Change and Fateweaver, leaving the LoC bruised but Fateweaver on one wound.
The StormHawk targeted the Decimator taking a single wound but was grown back...
As the smoke cleared at the end of Relictors Battle Round 2, the Daemons flow was stemmed for now. Each minute holding them at the bridge meant more time to prepare a proper defence at the Hive City.
Daemons Battle Round 2
The Lord of Change stormed the defences and wiped out the Scouts. The Plague Toads charged the StormTalon again forcing the Pilot to carry out evasive manoeuvres again. All over the board, the Daemons stormed towards the thin grey line...
On the bridge, Fiends of Slannesh, Soulgrinder and Hounds of Khorne all charged the Terminators. The Terminators put up a good defence but their numbers were whittled down, the Librarian fell, along with two more Terminators leaving just two GK Terminators holding the onrushing hordes... they will sell their lives well for the Emperor!

Turn three was near closing time! We'd been battling and enjoying WHW all day so was a little rushed, we wanted to play out the bridge, the majority of the Daemon Hordes were coming to the bridge, the Relictors still held the Imperial bank side, but the bridge looked lost. The Skarabrand, Lord of Change and Fateweaver all fell, the Decimator which was proving a thorn in my side with its long range Conversion Beamer got the full attention of Canis Bellum - and was wiped off the plains with ease. The last of the Chariots was taken down, and more resilient Nurglings died to sustained firepower. All that was left on the Imperial side was one plague toad, a Blight Drone and some Nurglings.
In the centre of the bridge, finally the Grey Knight Terminators fell under the hooves of the Bloodcrushers and Soulgrider, the bridge was secured for the foul Daemons and the Relictors started the inevitable slow fighting retreat back towards the Hive City complex... the field was the Daemons but they had been punished hard, many named Daemons had fallen and Warhound Canis Bellum would add another honour marking to his carapace for felling the mighty Bloodthirster An'ggrath the Greater Daemon of Khorne and will continue to punish the hordes as they surge towards the Hive defences.

It will be a long protracted war...

Well, that was superb fun, rushed at the end, maybe we need to reel in our expectations of timings. We were meant to have a four way which speeds up the play with 2vs2, simultaneous players moving and rolling so big points can be played - but since it was just the two of us we should perhaps have reduced the points values to get more turns - but that said, the Daemons had reached and surged the bridge so taking the bridge back would be a tough ask. Playing at WHW is less about the result, and hugely about the fun and narrative and the atmosphere.

LH - The battle was intense, but very entertaining.. after Siph's first turn, smashing through my big units I thought the game was lost, however the daemons dug in and ground out a smash and grab to claim the bridge objective.. a rematch is needed! 

It was a great day, it rounded off a great weekend and we all look forward to next year at WarhammerFest and WHW, next year we'll do WHW on the Saturday to get a full day 10-10pm game (closes at 6pm on Sunday) and Sunday for WarhammerFest for the Golden Daemon awards, finishing at a decent hour to get back down the road to home.

Cheers for reading this far! And if you get the chance, go visit WHW and the exhibition halls are a must. Good times. Cheers, Siph and Lord Halfpenny.
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