22 Apr 2024

Relictors Terminator Chaplain Tarentus - Chaplain #11

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. I have a great love for Space Marine Chaplains, I have numerous Chaplains, old and new, and this is my third Terminator Chaplain after the Limited Edition Terminator Chaplain and the original metal Terminator Chaplain.
Chaplain Tarentus is armed with a Crozius Arcanum for melee and a Combi-Flamer for purifying the enemies of the Imperium, a Bolter firing two shots (Terminator rules) and a Flamer.
The 'feathers' of the Crozius are painted white to differentiate from the other Terminator Crozius which was gold. This was an eBay purchase with a decent paint job which I’ve adapted and overpainted the golds.
The gold was Retributor Gold, washed Reikland, highlighted Auric Armour Gold. The detailed base was edged the same as the rest of the army's in Mournfang (Calthan) Brown and drybrushed Karak Stone and Ivory Fang (DRPA colour range) or Ushabti Bone.
Here is Tarentus with his twin battle brother the Limited Edition Chaplain

Cheers, Siph (2pts as Character adapted from existing scheme)


  1. Nice. Always good for a few laughs, chaplins.

  2. Very cool! Right proper Chaplains there. As always, all the little details make these models stand out.


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