12 Apr 2024

Titan Owners Club at the London ExCel - Salute51 - Pre-Event 'Training'

Ahead of this weekend's Titan Owners Club demonstration Walk at Salute51 at the London ExCel centre, Lord TITANium Halfpenny and I had a trial run with our forces, hopefully on the event we will be on the same side but we have faced off against eachother times before (depends on numbers of Members attending) and we can assume the role as Ex-Crucius or Ex-Astorum if needed, not all the Horus Heresy was documented.

If you are around in London and coming to the Salute convention, come say hi - you won't be able to miss us! Look out for the shouts of "Engine Kill!"
### Here was a quick vid vox transmission ###
Lord H's Legio Crucius forces, A support Warhound, 3x Ursus Claw Warhounds in a Squadron, a Warlord and two Reavers, one Close Combat, one ranged.
Siph's Legio Astorum comprised of 3x Warlords and a squadron of Warhounds armed with Las/Plas.

Lord H had the first initiative roll so opened proceedings. The strange skull shaped terrain provided some cover or choice of avenue of attack...

The walk had some fantastic moments - the Ursus Claws causing major damage to Rapture Astra' legs, and then to have all 3 warhounds charge into Dominus Victoria - killing the fabled engine with melee attacks, and then a final melta shot to finish her off- however the resultant explosion of her reactor killed 2 hounds, and crippled the third, which was easily picked off. 

 Final totals saw Cruicus take 2 warlord kills, against the 7 kills (2 of those in the explosion) of Astorum..

Awesome mini walk! 

Cheers, Princeps Lord TITANium Halfpenny and Princeps Siph


  1. These things are always awesome to see in battle like this. I look forward to seeing the pics from this year's Walk.

  2. I'll be over to look at the titans, hope to say hello if I see you!

  3. Spectacular! I really must try to get to one of these walk events eventually, but life conspires against me!

  4. Ah, now I wish I was going.


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