11 Sept 2023

Forge World Warlord Titan - Arioch Titan Power Fist w/ Vulcan Mega Bolter Array

Welcome Titan fans, another update to my recently completed re-paint of the Warlord 10, "Ex-Noctia". I had included in the purchase two Arioch Titan Power Fists, in Atarus colours, which I have now repainted one. Behold the completed Rites of Colour on this mighty Astorum Arioch Fist!
I have altered how these were fitted to the Warlord, hence the filled in brass rod securing arrangements and I have drilled my usual rod magnets into the round attachment point, using a 20mm long, 8mm diameter rod magnet gives ample pull even with the gravity trying to twist the fist into a vertical line, the magnet pull prevents any movement and the fist remains at the 20 degree upright position I drilled. (Note the nod to the former reds of Atarus preserved on one panel)
On the top of the fist is a Vulcan Mega Bolter Array, in game (AT28mm) this just provides an extra pip of strength and chews through armour at the combat phase, with no ranged advantage or shots, however at TitanOwnersClubUK Walks we are discussing if this gives a VMB weapon at range - due to the large amount of Engines at a Walk, the fist Warlords spend two turns getting into combat doing nothing but taking hits/damage and unless we have gentleman agreements to let the opposing fist Engines close together to fight they are just shot off the board - a ranged VMB will allow in-game usefulness and participation as they close their enemies.
Here it is on Ex-Noctia Warlord (10)
Astorum Walks! Ave Omnissiah!

The link to the whole Titan Construction process can be found HERE.

Cheers, Princeps Seniores Siph


  1. That is... immense!!! What a brute :-)

  2. That's a great looking fist. Looks fierce on Ex-Noctia!

  3. Fist-tastic ! Let's have a pict where he's holding a guardsman or marine in the palm of his hand...


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