22 Sept 2023

Buildings - Complete!

 Hello one and all - a few weeks away - sorry all!

This weeks offerings is several completed buildings, these are from ttcombat, these are mdf buildings which I've painted in a way to reflected a war torn city. Some of these are designed to be damaged, however I wanted to enforce this with the scheme. 

All of the models were sprayed with a base of textured spray, this was to add more depth to the flatness of the mdf. This was then based with grey, and then had several different sprays, browns, blacks, dark grey and black to them. I have also added colour to the interior of the 'complete' buildings, utilising a red base, and then apply browns and greys to show the damage to them.


GW store? This building appears to have been a hive store for the local population - it now is the burial gound for them, and many more!

Hive Block Beta - a small housing black for the local population - now ruins to hide from gun fire..

Administration Building - this was once a pound sight for the Hive city - the governer would speak to the people from the pulpit to encourage them to the imperial way..

Imperial buildings - housing the Imperial force for the planet. I've added LED candles in to add to the feel of the building.

Skyscraper - this was once a glorious sight for the populatiuon, housing the imperial might, and goverance. Now, the building is wrecked, however this is extremely useful for a well placed sniper..

Destroyed Imperial building... its only use is blocking line of sight..

Medical facility This once housed all the injured, now this is a fire base to 'bring the pain!'

The same scheme was applied to the ground scatter Terrain.

Thanks for stopping by! LH (10 kits, 50pts) 

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  1. They look great buddy, really thematic, well done 👍🏼


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