8 May 2023

Relictors Chapter Space Marines - 4th Company Tactical Squad #4

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. I have been gifted a Tactical Squad from my mate Goddenzilla at Kaiju Country as he makes room for his Imperator Titan! I also bought 18 Relictors Dreadnoughts from him to make my own too, so re-basing and like these a few touch-ups.
These are my fourth, 4th Co. Tactical Squad, the first being the re-modelled Tactical Squad plastics from 2014 and the two RTB01 Squads completed as part of the annual Squaduary hobby events in 2017 and 2018.
Veteran Sergeant Aurelius from Gamesday 2005 now leads the squad, the original Sergeant will get used for another project, perhaps Tactical Squad 5... I weathered his greaves to match the squad. Armed with a Power Fist he will be handy for striking back in Close Combat. The special and heavy weapons are a Missile Launcher and Flamer.
Some of these plastics are from the Assault on Black Reach box set I believe, but not all of them, like Tactical Squad 6 of 5th Company, missing the ML backpack, the 'grey knight' helm, the bolter strap versions, and the Flamer has had his Pauldron shaved free of the detail.
Here you can see the subtle differences from what Goddenzilla gifted me, I removed the gold trim, adding the steel Aquila on chest and the green pauldron trim of 4th Company. I also added the bone colour kneepad, a diagonal stripe denoting a Tactical Squad, a marking I used since 2008 with Tactical Squads 1 and 2. Added brass magazine; re-done the golds; metal vents on rear and an edge highlight of Administratum grey to match my other forces. The base rims were also extended using TTAdaptors 25 to 32mm rings. I also re-done the decals to match my forces.

Cheers, Siph (9pts - Sergeant Aurelius already posted)

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