22 Jul 2009

Relictors Tactical Squad 6 Complete

Finally, not another Tactical marine to do, 60 done and not a moment too soon. I'm off this weekend back to work abroad so the hobby will take a back seat for a month or so, Pornstarjedi is still up and about though, so 'Weemen' will continue in it's haphazard way.

These guys are the AOBR marines, plus a converted Sergeant using the AOBR Sergeant shoulder pad for the raised tactical arrow. Still have to do the Dred and Termies from AOBR, but pleased these are done. Not sure these will get a Rhino anytime soon as 5 is enough for now, but eventually they will (just for that completed Battle Company!)
Usual paintjob, Codex Grey, Badab Black wash, Fortress Grey highlights and 'Ardcoated pads for a sheen look (also locks the transfer on). I've been using the Micro Sol and Micro Set for transfer application - go buy some, it rocks on curved surfaces.

Beaten last years painting tally with these, and one more ticked off project list. Bigger pics in 'Finished Relictors' album in sidebar>>>>


  1. Jealous of your ability to focus on a single chapter mate. I'm up to four different chapters painted now and should really try to focus on adding to that - but you know how it is, it's always the next project that's more exciting. Can't wait to see the full battle company!

  2. Very ominous bunch of marines you have there. Nice work!

  3. Nice work, mate - very clean and I do like that colour scheme...

  4. Really great scheme. I love the look of these AoBR marines when they're painted.

    Nice touch on the bone bolters as well. Really compliments the marines!


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