1 Jul 2009

Relictors Predator Annihilator

I have finally finished my 2nd Predator for the Relictors force. It is an expensive choice with the lascannon sponsons but with my dice rolling - i need every cannon shot to penetrate and roll higher than my normal 2 on the damage tables!
This Predator completes my order from Paintedfigs.com, which included the other Pred and the 3 Vindicators (so, half painting points for me). I have added the detailing and weathering and a bucket load of Boltgun Metal rivets! This beauty is also wearing the Extra Armour / Reinforced Armour from Forgeworld, I figured an anti-armour vehicle should at least try to stay alive when up against its prey, normally Pornstarjedi's LR or mirrored Predator Annihilator.
So, welcome 'Septimus', may all your hits be penetrating... Pictures also in 'Finished Relictors' gallery in the sidebar but again in liited pixels as on secondary camera >>>>>


  1. Well done Siph, I think I may have to follow your lead and get some certain models done to TT standard by someone. Unfortunately can't be the Sharks so not sure when I'll get to that point. Maybe when I get around to Sallies.

    Think I missed your post about the Baneblades, I think if I make my painting points total for the year I'll treat myself to one and do it up as a Sharks Fellblade.

  2. I'm always impressed by clean, precise paintjobs like this, mainly because for me it's a huge effort to be that neat. hence I dont bother :)

    one always compares one's work to others and against yours and work like it I always feel scruffy.

    nice job :)

  3. Nice job. Really enjoying watching this army progress

  4. Love it. Simply love it. I've always had a soft spot for Preditor Annihilators.

  5. That's a nicely done Pred! Annihilators always look like they mean business.

  6. Cheers all. Working on a Whirlwind now... Tristan, Fellblade sounds awesome, Pornstarjedi has one of those in progress (a real old Shadowsword/Baneblade an Armorcast early resin job.

  7. I really like this model. The colors just work on it. I find it rally hard to do greys and keep them bright like this.


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