28 Jun 2009

DKK Heavy Support

Here is my Heavy Support for a future project of mine. To accompany the Hellhound and PDF Imp Guard, I managed to purchase and then ever so slightly modify two lovely painted Baneblades.
I figure, these machines are ancient and it doesn't really matter what colour they are in an Apocalypse force - one matches the nice red scheme i've already started and the other is a nice contrasting blue but well weathered.
Both are WIP and need the final touches, a few decals, driver, match sensors and searchlight colours, icons, but as you can see i've added DKK filters to the standard red baneblade and the blue one came with Commisar and filters already but i've magnetized the Lascannon turrets.

Hope you like. I have a 'Super Detailed Resin Baneblade' from FW of old, to this I'm adding DKK filters and accessories as well to make it a little bigger - the scale is slightly off from his modern plastic counterparts. Bring on the BIG guns!!


  1. Sweet, a full super-heavy detachment! I've got a FW Baneblde, as well. I remember the issue number of 1006, since I got married on October 6th (10/06) :)

  2. With that fire power an Apoc battle may be on fella!! bring the titans!!

  3. Just found these from your pics gallery. Awesome work bud, they look deadly!


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